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Cryptoware is a growing threat and we've heard from some security vendors that they expect variants targeted at cloud drives to be appearing in the coming months. One obvious entry point is for users who are using the Drive Sync tool. Our staff use this tool extensively.

Anyone have good strategies for moving users away from the sync tool? Not painful if you only use GSuite files, but if other file types have been saved, how do you plan to handle those?

I'm curious about the views of this group on the use of device monitoring software such as GoGuardian teacher. Do you feel it is an effective tool, or does it encourage bad teaching habits?

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Now that we're past the 4th of July, the new school year will be here before you know it... An EdCamp is a great way to start the year off on a positive note!

In Cozad on August 9th, we'll be hosting the 2nd annual 100th Meridian EdCamp. Last year we had teachers from across the state share a great day of learning and professional collaboration. All are welcome, it's absolutely free, and lunch will again be generously provided by Cozad Community Health Systems. Coffee and rolls will be provided by the Cozad Development Corporation, so arrive early for a tasty treat and great conversations with your peers. Thank you to the Cozad community for the great support you provide to our schools!

For more information and to register, please visit Registration is just to help us estimate numbers. Last year we had over 100 in attendance!

We hope to see you at #EDCAMP100M

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Rethinking Filtering, Session 3, Room G

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iPad Deployment, Maintenance and Workflow (Sessions 2 and 4 in room F)

Ready to head to beautiful Western Nebraska for #SVTS15.  Looking forward to sharing with a great bunch of educators!

Sessions I'll be leading on Tuesday...
10:10  1:1 iPad Workflow - Room F
12:30   Rethinking Filtering - Room G
1:25    iPad Maintenance - Room F

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Playing around with installing linux on some of our old laptops to make them chromebook-like.  Basically want a light, simple OS that would run in kiosk mode and provide chrome.  Mostly for netbooks and older laptops.  Anyone else had success with this? 

Hello from Cozad!  I am Dave Evertson, the technology director for Cozad Community Schools.  We are currently a 1:1 iPad district and entering our second full year of GAFE adoption and implementation.  We eagerly look forward to the trans-formative changes we've embarked on, not only in education but in our local culture as well.  We seek to make learning accessible, fun, challenging, and relevant to all.

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Dell Mobile Learning lab computer and cart pics
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