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5 Reasons Not to Vote: Objectionata via Abstencia
OK that’s probably not actual Latin, but there sure is a lot of guilt being tripped whenever you mention not voting. Even though statistically, it is far more important to vote locally, the bitter truth is that a very lot of people simply don’t. Most people...

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Paradise Lost: the 1972 Buick Estate Wagon
When I was a Sophomore in College, I ran out of money. After a couple of quarters bumming rides from the dorm roomies to work and hitching back and such, it became obvious and painfully clear that what I needed was a car, if I was going to make enough money...

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1980 Fiat Brava: The Tony that never needed fixing up
After I graduated college I moved out to San Jose California, leaving Logan Utah and Utah State University, that I still find completely strange to say I am proud of, as Alma maters go. As an Alma mater, Utah State University rolls of the tongue innocently ...

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(Opel) Rekord Keeping
My dad was a stud. I know, most kids think their dads are studs. But mine really was! At 53, I have met a lot of admirable men, but none have struck me as impressively as my father. He was simply one of a kind. As I look back on my childhood and try to put ...
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