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Something new.  Something new.  It's not my world but I do live in it.  Because I Said So.

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Foam Ropes - Foam Ropes
Foam Ropes – Foam Ropes 2015, 7 Trick Pony Records Derek Nicoletto, the former front man of Telling On Trixie,
stood at a crossroads in his life: he walked away from his lifelong pursuit of
music to pursue acting through an exclusive theater program.  Rathe...

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Bullyheart - Antigravity
Bullyheart – Antigravity 2014, Skim Milk Productions Bullyheart is the outward expression of recording artist Holly Long’s rebel
musical heart.  The Chicago born
singer/songwriter took off for UCLA to study theater, but it was music that
ultimately moved he...

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Review: Michele McLaughlin - Undercurrent
Michele McLaughlin –
Undercurrent 2015, Michele McLaughlin Michele McLaughlin found her field of dreams, and it has 88
keys. Drawn to the piano from a young age, McLaughlin was playing
in front of school mates at the age of five and composing by the age of ...

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Blade of Grass - She Was [EP]
Blade of Grass – She Was
[EP] 2014, Blade of Grass Blade of Grass is a minimalist, post-rock electronic duo
from Los Angeles.  Josh James and Mike
Hurst combine electro, rock, surf and world music influences to craft
simplistic yet intriguing arrangements t...

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Light Over There - Light Over There
Light Over There –
Light Over There 2015, Light Over There The ubiquitous nature of the internet has allowed for
artists who might never otherwise meet to connect and make some great art.  Perhaps none of those stories is as intriguing
as the one behind Lig...

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War Poets - Searching For The American Dream
War Poets – Searching
for the American Dream 2015, War Poets Minnesota rockers War Poets have been busy in the last
year.  Their most recent release, Searching for the American Dream , is the
third in a cycle of three EPs the band has released in the past n...

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Video: White Like Fire - You Gave Up On Me
Pittsburgh rockers White Like Fire have a new album, Wait The Night Out , dropping on April 21, 2015.  The first single from the album, "You Gave Up On Me", is an impressive introduction to the band that has the potential to launch them into a higher musica...

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Love and Music
Music is a generous suitor.  There’s always something new and interesting to catch your ear.  The concept of falling in love is a fair parallel for finding new music that moves you.  “Love” can mean so many things of course.  You can fall madly in love some...

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Jeneen Terrana's latest EP, Fallin', displays an artist on the verge of new ground.  She's raised her game as a songwriter to match the prodigious talent of her voice.
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