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A Very Present Help
Children in Nicaragua are on my heart tonight
in particular because of the earthquakes that they have been through
this spring. Yesterday I received a letter from my 12 year old Axel in
Nicaragua who wrote...   "The vacations were not that good, becaus e...

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The Presence of Dignity
The presence of dignity doesn't mean that poverty is absent. I was pondering this sentence in light of my recent trip to visit two of my Honduran sponsored children, and have many visual images imprinted on my memory related to this from the many people I m...

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Go: Treasure His Children
If I were to choose one word to describe this year, it is the word "Go."  I knew beforehand that this would be a year where I started traveling to visit children around the world, to love on them, hold them, and look them in the eyes and tell them how very ...

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Jesus Loves Me
A photo update!  Sponsors look forward to receiving their child's updated photo, and to have one of our kids smiling so delightfully is just the best!  What a difference from the serious, tense photo I had of Madelin when I first sponsored her, so this one ...

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Cheering Your Child on to Victory
At least half (if not all!) of the kids I correspond with around the world absolutely love playing soccer, so the World Cup games are going to be a very high interest item to write about.  Here are some ideas for writing letters using this theme.  First, cr...

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Praying for Geljan
I received a VERY upsetting letter last night from the grandmother of my sponsored boy in Albania, saying that the home was destroyed due to rain and flooding!!!  "...Geljan is at his home now, cleaning the house because there happened a natural disaster at...

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Little Christmas Bird Puzzles
This past year I've had somewhat of a "bird" theme going with several of my letters to my kids, so to top it off, I'm sending these gorgeous Jane Maday bird puzzles for my Compassion kids with their Christmas cards & letters.  We're always on the lookout fo...

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Celebrating Grandparents & Grandchildren
I'm celebrating being a Grammie... I love my grandson! While I have been busy painting my home office this past week, I have also been planning for one special corner of the room to be my "grandbaby corner"... the built-in bookshelves are freshly painted wh...

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The Simplest & the Best
How important is a washcloth to you? Recently I met a woman who got to go on an Operation Christmas Child distribution in Ecuador last ...
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