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Scott Belsky
ceo of Behance and author of Making Ideas Happen
ceo of Behance and author of Making Ideas Happen


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The official SUMMARY of key take-aways from this year's annual Behance 99% Conference. So many gems here, including...

--> The answer will only arrive after we stop looking for it.
--> When in doubt, imitate the city.
--> Grit, the stubborn refusal to quit, is the single best predictor of success.
--> Celebrate your small wins.
--> The quality of your UX shows how much you respect or disrespect your customers.
--> Always say "Yes, and…
--> A labor of love always pays off.

AND SO MANY MORE. An epic conference this year...

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Our team recently completed a project to coordinate 400+ meetups around the world for Behance members to exchange portfolio feedback. Here's a Pinterest collection with some of the highlights...

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Nearly every legendary innovation was initially mocked or misunderstood by the so-called "experts." In truth, scrutiny and doubt are just part of the toll we pay to take the path less traveled.

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Steve Jobs never compromised and gave us what we wanted, he stayed true to his vision and gave us what we needed.

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Some recent thoughts on bureaucracy, and how to BREAK it (from The 99%).

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Exploring some of the "most appreciated" projects this week in Calligraphy - for some random inspiration for some tasks that are totally unrelated...but hey, why not.

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I'm a big fan of Glennz's endless stream of imaginative concepts for t-shirts. So, this latest project got me excited.

Enjoying my first foray into Google +. I like the way "Links" in peoples' profiles are automatically aggregated, and the favicons for most sites are pulled in. Clever...
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