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Embrace the Bacon!

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Good reader
Since I mastered the skill of reading and comprehension I've been blessed with a very strong ability and drive to read.  I read everything.  If I'm caught on the toilet without a device that has an e-book on it, or a magazine, I read the backs of bottles, t...

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Today is my birthday
Today I am 44 years old.  I don't know what 44 is supposed to feel like, but I don't think I feel like what I thought 44 felt like when I was 22. I feel good.  I'm not in the same shape I was at 35, time seems to give less results for the same output.  But ...

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Hello, Hello is anybody there?
Wow it doesn’t seem like it’s been September since I
uploaded something to my blog.  I write
all the time, and I think of uploading but I guess I forget the last part.  Last summer started smoothly, or as smoothly as it can be
when you are remodeling your h...

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42 Years, 11 months and 15 days
That's how old my Mom was on the day she died. Mom was born October 13, 1945 and died September 28, 1988. Today, I am 42 Years, 11 months and 7 days old. The idea that in 8 days I will be as old as my Mom ever was is kinda freaking me out. When she died, I ...

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Christmas memories
My Mom loved Christmas.  She loved Halloween and Easter too, but not for any religious reason.  Halloween because it was the same month as her birthday and of the cool decoration possibilities, and Easter because of the get together s with family and the ba...

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I try so hard to understand and I just can't
Why do grocery stores place black pepper in the egg section~am I missing something....salt taste so much better on hard boiled eggs than just pepper. What exactly does "one size fits most" really mean to clothing me it means if you have b...

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Morning Random
Brought to you by Bacongal If you drive a Prius, good for you, but if you live in a 3500 sqf home and keep it at 72 degrees year round, your carbon footprint is not offset by the car you drive.  Remember this as you look down your nose at other cars. John K...

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I let another man rub my....
feet, both of them, and it was ah-ahhh-amazing! Don't get your shorts in a wad, I would never let another man touch me inappropriately. Friday, Mama (aka G. Mama....Mama G. or half of the "prentals") had lunch and than got a pedicure. Mama was the first per...

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Jack the Ripper identified
You may have read the headlines of late.  A DNA test on a blood and semen stained scarf found with one of the White Chapel victims has been linked to a Polish barber Aaron Kosminski.  The young Kosminski was in and out of lunatic asylums for much of his lif...
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