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Why Spotlight is still taking Best Picture
I don't know why I care so much about this silly race, but I guess my brain likes having something inconsequential to obsess about. It's also great to see a film you love win. It's also great to catch up on great historical wins, and to moan about travesty ...

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Although I can't share the full film yet, here is a trailer for my NYFA Thesis Film, "Daria the Great".

Music by Cameron Orr. Follow him, he's great.

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Sad & beautiful, as always

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The real takeaway from this is this sentence:

"Imagine if Jane Campion had been given the opportunity to direct Silence of the Lambs? What if Kathryn Bigelow had been tapped to direct Munich? If Nora Ephron been offered Broadcast News? Or if Sophia Coppola had directed Million Dollar Baby?"

The only one of those I don't buy is Coppola's MDB. I just can't see it. She can be dark, but in a hip, detached, ethereal way. I don't see how that would work for MDB.

The combo that makes the most sense is Bigelow's Munich. Certainly the post-2008 Bigelow would make an infinitely more interesting film from that subject matter than Spielberg did.

& although the current version is pretty perfect, I'd pay good money to see a Jane Campion version of Silence of the Lambs (somehow I think it would be even more creepy). Ephron could do Broadcast News, but it's so definitively James L Brooks, I feel like at best it would just end up being the same film. Perhaps I underestimate her.…/best-director-we-dont-make-wo…/

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Oscar winners
And so, there you have it. Birdman is our new showbiz-themed Best Picture winner. It's an exciting winner, if not the one I was hoping for. Interestingly, each of the eight films nominated for Best Picture took home at least one trophy, which must be rare. ...

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2015: The battle of two greats with gimmicks
On the eve of the 87th Academy Awards, it seems the race has come down to Boyhood vs Birdman, which is a very difficult but, truth be told, satisfying race. As a great admirer of both films and the balls it took to make them, I'm not really sure where to pu...

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Thomas Edison arguably invented film. So it's all his fault. As I'm travelling to work on the set of a friend's short film, working for free, for long hours, with a crew of kids who show up late cause they're hungover, or make stupid suggestions because the...

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As some of you may know, I've been raising money for clean water. Many of you have already donated to my campaign and I'm so incredibly grateful for your support.

If you want to check out my fundraising progress or still want to give -- it's super easy, just click here:

Don't forget that charity: water will send 100% of what we raise to fund clean water projects; and the best part, once the project's been complete they'll prove it!

In case you need some more inspiration, check out one of charity: water's videos from the field.


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The Top 5 classic films I discovered while living in NY
Recently, I was honoured to be featured on  Between 10 & 5 , where they asked my to name my top 5 films. Since this is clearly impossible and started giving me sleepless nights, I decided to narrow it down, instead, to the top 5 new-to-me classic films I di...
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