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Is there someone at Google I could just throw money at and have them solve my Google Chat / Hangouts issues?

I can confirm that I am signed out of Hangouts on every device - Signing in on another account in Trillian or Pidgin shows 0 connections for my offline account.  And yet still, people are able to message me on Android Hangouts (which, as far as I can tell, doesn't have a "user is logged in" indicator), they get no indication that their message hasn't gone through, and I get no notification of new messages when I sign in again. GMail has a "Chats" section that has "Hangouts with XYZ" on it, but those messages are all automatically marked as "read" and so unless I manually go into that section and scan for messages with recent datestamps, I still have no indication that I've missed conversations.

So the main problem is "Hangouts Android gives no indication people are offline" with a secondary problem of "an offline user never gets notified about unread messages"
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Power at the office just went down. I was halfway through my Google Analytics certification exam. #FirstWorldFML
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So, I just confirmed: 
All browsers closed at home.
All browsers closed at office.
Signed out of all Google Accounts at office.
Gmail and Google Plus both configured to NOT sign into Hangouts (They show the "Sign into Hangouts!" button)
Phone has Hangouts turned off. 
Phone is turned off.
Confirmed there's no other sign in locations in my Google login history.

Why do people still see me as logged into Hangouts and available to send chat messages to?
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Search performance refactoring: Initial uncached run from 3 minutes down to 10 seconds, and subsequent cached runs from 5 seconds down to .5 seconds.

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Wow, it's Twine but with support for outside sensor protocols, and with a locally-hosted server rather than a central internet-based server (I think the central server is just for initial configuration purposes?). If I'm reading this right, I rather approve.
It'll be a shame if this doesn't meet the goal, but hopefully they'll continue development anyways, it doesn't sound like they're hinging on the success of the Kickstarter.
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So, as far as I can tell from how Microsoft is handling Windows 8, if they ever build a spaceship it's going to be controlled by a steering wheel and a gas pedal / brake pedal.

But at least you'll be able to go into the next room, open up a trapdoor, climb down into the basement and find a classic Space Shuttle cockpit duct-taped to the wall, so you can do all the important parts of flying the ship from there.
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Whenever I close Excel, it pops up a "Recovering from error" message and re-opens. It's like a puppy that, when you throw a piece of paper away, helpfully runs over and grabs it and brings it back over to you, as if to say "Hey, I think you dropped this!"
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Apparently deleting GMail contacts also deletes them from Google Plus, without any warning.
My clever plan to backup my Gmail Contacts, restore from Google Plus/Facebook/etc, and manually re-add the remaining information, has resulted in more lost time than I originally planned. Oh well.
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