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The Nanotech Softwares Hellow!, Geeks!

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Floating window for non Samsung users****
*****needed root ******
If not rooted check for rooting procedure in the internet or email me with the handset manufacturer and model

So going go the procedures
1) Download
2)Extract all the APks from the zip file
3)Install all the APks
4)open exposed installer and click framework
5)install the available frame work with active internet connection
6)reboot the android system ( reboot your mobile)
7) After reboot the frame work will be perfectly working
8)open exposed installer
9)in the modules you will see xHalo Floating Window . Activate it.
10)open xhalo floating window in that activate movable and resizable window
11)check for a floating window demo in that app to conform that floating window is working with your system
12)go to floatifications app
13)in the app settings check (activate) Launch apps in halo window (supported ROMs only)
14) Go back to glorification app home page in that select app notifications
15) Activate all your wanted apps by activating a small check box and activating a pin shaped icon on the bottom left
16) now you will see your apps icon floating .
17l click on the app you want in that icon list . Then it will be open in a floating window quick can be minimised maximised and also 2 apps can also be used at the same time.

If there is any problem check the procedures once again or just email me .

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Check out new linux page

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Which will win comment 

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Check out new Ankit Fadia's video

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