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Hope Adams

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Just past noon today, my Dad, Jim Kissell, passed away. He was surrounded by his family, and his passing was peaceful. Jim was one of the most caring, strongest, and most fair-minded people I knew. He changed my life for the better in every way. Thank you, Jim, for your love, support, and friendship for the last 30 years. You will be severely missed. ♥

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Dear Occupy Portland People:

Thank you for destroying two of our beautiful city parks to protest many things, but accomplishing nothing, except costing the 99% over $50,000 to repair the damages you caused. Why don't you donate the tens of thousands of dollars you have collected to clean up after yourselves?


I feel like I should be posting only important thoughts here, and using FB for my more mundane posts. Why does this one feel so much more formal?

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If you're interested in my blog, here's the link...

Ummm... not sure why this is different/better than FB....
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