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The Beer Diet (a brew story)
Living proof that beer is an acceptable diet food. #notkidding
Living proof that beer is an acceptable diet food. #notkidding

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From "diet" to "lifestyle"

Five times now, I've used my body as a laboratory. Five times now, I've demonstrated that beer (and other "bad" foods) aren't bad for you at all. Five times now, I've shown it's possible to lose weight and improve every health indicator without cutting out your favorite foods. 

Three of those times, my milieu was beer and sausage. One of those times, I did it with eggs and beer. Most recently, I added a beer to three square meals, each and every day.

My new challenge: keeping it off. And that means making the switch from "diet" to "lifestyle". My experience today has me predisposed to gauge the caloric content of food. I've conditioned myself to not eat everything put in front of me. And, if I'm being honest, I've learned to like the feeling that comes with moderation in all things, especially the next morning.

Thanks for following along. Check in with me early 2015 to see how I'm doing.

_ - +Evo Terra, signing off._ 
Beer Diet - Year Four
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(Just making some cosmetic changes to the G+ page to reflect the new direction.)

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Day 26 - 31 | In photos

I'm done. I made it. It was awesome, and all those great things. No, I haven't posted in a while. And no, I'm not going to detail my meals and calories during these last six days. Lazy? Maybe. But the end goal was what I wanted.

Happy Halloween. Enjoy the photos. I'll do a write up tomorrow. Probably. And then the real lifestyle changes begin.
Beer Diet - Year Four
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A 10-day #beerdiet  sprint gets results!

Hats off to +Eric Diaz for making it through his 10-day challenge with sausage and beer. I'd call 8 pounds in 10 days a success! 

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Day 25 Recap | Happy Friday!

Today's highlight was having some old friends new to Phoenix over for dinner. They brought some horrid desert just to tempt me. I had a bite. And was pretty darn good all day long!

Breakfast = 450 calories
And old standard with a new beer, featured in the after pic below.
* Hangar 24's Orange Wheat = 138 calories
* 2 eggs and a sausage patty = 312 calories

Lunch = 525 calories
Indian food is great fresh, but it also makes for a tasty day of leftovers!
* Modus Hoperandi by +Ska Brewing Co = 204 calories
* Leftover curry chicken = 322 calories

Dinner = 580 calories
We don't need no stinking desert!
* Squatter's Off Duty IPA = 180
* Salmon tacos & a salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil = 450

I'll take a Friday night at 1555. Let's see if I can be a good boy all day Saturday.
Beer Diet - Year Four
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Day 23 | Giving up...

No, not on the #beerdiet . But with the pretense that I'll be able to post as-it-happens updates three times a day. So through the end of the month, you'll have to suffer through daily postings. 

Breakfast = 508 calories
* Black O' Lantern Pumpkin Stout by Wasatch Brewing = 195 calories
* 2 eggs = 147 calories
* English Muffin & butter = 171 calories

Lunch = 494 calories
* Reissdorf Kölsch = 144 calories
* 1/2 a meatball sandwich = 350 calories

Dinner = 494 calories
* Café Racer 15™ by +Bear Republic Brewing Co = 244 calories
* 3 potstickers = 250 calories

That's 1496 on the day. Excellent. Because it's the weekend next, and that's always a challenge.
Beer Diet - Year Four
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Day 22 Dinner | Eat with me, I'm vaccinated!

First order of after work business was flu getting a flu shot. Yes, I do it every year and yes, unless your immunocompromised, you should get one two. Unless you're OK with killing babies.

But on to happier things -- tonight's meal!

Lagunitas IPA = 186 calories
* -Butter_ Curry Chicken = 332  calories
Meal Total: 508 calories

Which puts me at 1636 for the day, thanks to lunch. But it'll all balance out in the end.

* - If you disagree with that sentiment, fuck off, you potential baby killer clinging to ignorance. It's almost 2015. Science is the way.

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Day 22 Lunch | Calorie overload

And I was so good at breakfast. Ah well. Of the many advantages a lifestyle change has over a diet is that you can blow it on one meal, day, or even a weekend, and just make it up as you go along. I'm testing that theory, again.

* Freedom Tickler French Saison from Oskar Blues = 170 calories
* Bratwurst, sauerkraut, and fresno peppers (with the bun!) = 500 calories
Meal Total: 670 calories

Yeah, that's a little much. But I'll be good. After all, I want to see how low in the 170s I can get!

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Day 22 Breakfast | Bacon shortage?

Uh oh. I'm down to a single piece of bacon. That will not stand. And that's not quite enough, so I need to sweeten my caloric pot, so to speak.

* Four Peaks Peach Ale = 135 calories
* Eggs and one strip of bacon = 213 calories
* Black beans =  110 calories
Meal total: 458 calories

And I was super full afterwards. Let's hear it for the beans!

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Dr Oz is full of shit.

Apparently, the science behind the miracle weight loss of green coffee was less than rigorous. So much so that the researchers are embarrassed enough and concerned for their reputation (as they should be on both accounts) that they've pulled the published paper.

The $3.5 million penalty isn't enough, in my opinion. He should be stripped of his license to practice medicine and forced to stand trial in civil and criminal court. 

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