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Gay Nedd: Fourth Marriage and Later Life
For previous posts about Mrs. Nedd see "Who Was Mrs. Nedd? ," "Mrs. Nedd's Second Marriage," and " Gaynelle Moritz Nedd Marries a Third Time ." We left Gaynelle in Houston, Texas, married to Paul B. Wagenseller to whom she had been married about 14 years. T...

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Gaynelle Moritz Nedd Brown Marries a Third Time
The first two parts of Mrs. Nedd's story were posted previously. If you need to catch up with the story, go to "Who Was Mrs. Nedd?"   and "Mrs. Nedd's Second Marriage" .   Brief overview: Gaynelle Moritz, age 16 (she claimed she was 19) married
Earl Joseph...

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Mrs. Nedd's Second Marriage
The first part of Mrs. Nedd's story was posted last week. If you haven't read it, go to "Who Was Mrs. Nedd?" Brief overview: Gaynelle Moritz, age 16 (she claimed she was 19) married Earl Joseph Nedd, age 22, in Davenport, Iowa on 15 July 1907. She filed for...

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Who was Mrs. Nedd?
Sometimes my curiosity lures me down rabbit holes, you might
say. A name pops up in a letter: “Mrs. Nedd,” Aunt Neville’s employer and
landlady in Denver. “I like the lady we work for,” Neville had written . 1 Who
was this lady? I had to find out. The 1940 ...

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Neville Goes to Denver
Noon, 18 June 1939, Denver, Colorado Neville, c. early 1930s. Neville sat at a small table in her basement apartment
writing a letter to her sister Virginia Troutman back home in Winside, Nebraska. She had
been describing the drudgery of her work. There mus...

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Sisters Find Their Virginia Roots
When your imagination has soared listening to your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles tell stories of their childhood in Virginia, of mountain climbing and green valleys and rocks and streams; when your brother goes there to live and he writes you abou...

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Lovely poem.

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While my father, Verne Troutman, and his brothers were
making their way in the world after high school, so were their two sisters.
These young women had minds of their own. While many of their friends were marrying
right out of high school, Neville and Virg...

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Zola Troutman Noble commented on a post on Blogger.
Do you know anything about caskets that had a screen door over the face? My mother and her brother told me that when their mother died in 1925, they remembered having to open a small screen door above their mother's face to look at her. They were three and five years old.
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