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Surfacing fresher content means moving beyond the PageRank link graph and using author reputation instead. Seems like another good reason to implement authorship markup and maintain an active, engaged Google+ profile
A newer version of Google's agent rank patent describes the "portability" of digital signature IDs, which fits very well with how authorship markup from Google can associate an author's content across...
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Thanks, +David Weichel

It's been pretty interesting/exciting seeing different pieces of Agent Rank/Author Rank come out, and we'll probably see more sometime soon.

My guess for one of the next is some syndication meta data, so that you can let Google know where else you might have syndicated something you've published on the Web using meta data.  There's something like that already in Google News, so we might see it sometime in the future (unless it's not really working well on Google News).
That's a great point.  Empowering authors to submit their own meta data seems like a step in the right direction.  It'll be exciting to see this unfold!
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