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It's great to have Papers with us! 
#Springer to acquire Papers, the leading reference manager (@papersapp)

Leading reference manager increases focus on researcher needs

Springer Science+Business Media ( has reached an agreement to acquire Mekentosj BV and Lifve Ltd. which includes the software tool Papers. Papers is the leading reference manager which allows researchers to organize, use, share and cite their research literature more effectively.

Papers radically improves the way researchers handle their scientific literature. It centralizes search, downloads and organizing references and documents in one tool. The literature can be cited in the word processing software of choice, can be shared with colleagues and functions as a personal library of research. Papers is available for Mac, Windows and iOS.

Peter Hendriks, Springer President Publishing and Marketing, said: “This acquisition is in line with Springer’s ambition to offer not only quality content, but also efficiency tools for researchers. Discovering and managing scientific content is at the heart of researcher activity and our role includes supporting libraries and funders who increasingly seek to equip their researchers with the best tools.”

The current Papers employees, including the founder, Alexander Griekspoor, will continue to run Papers as a unit within Springer.

“We are not only very excited about the opportunities that being part of a larger group will bring, but also about the next phase of growth and development for Papers. Springer has played a notable, and often unique role, among major STM publishers for its willingness to experiment with business models and services for its stakeholders and this is a good sign for us,” said Alexander Griekspoor. “Our customers will enjoy the same level of service they have been accustomed to, but will ultimately benefit from the wider scope and global presence that Springer provides.”

#research #science @mekentosj via @SpringerSBM

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Measuring the social impact of research!
Interesting equation:
If (social media interaction is often) then (Open access + social media = increased downloads)

Read Melissa Terras' Blog post about her social media experiment:
Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it? The Verdict

#socialmedia #openaccess #oa

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Get your research out to a global audience!
Any ideas for a new book? Do get in touch with us!

When you publish with Springer, your work gets the attention it deserves.
Your book will be available in all feasible formats, be it as
- an eBook,
- a printed copy or
- a low-priced printed MyCopy for eBook licensees.
This multi-faceted approach guarantees that readers around the world can benefit from your publication in their medium of choice.

Get Read. Publish With Springer.

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SpringerPlus is now accepting submissions!
Springer launches interdisciplinary open access journal SpringerPlus

Transparent and fast publication process for authors in a journal with guaranteed high scientific standards

Springer’s new open access journal SpringerPlus is a further addition to the publishing company’s SpringerOpen portfolio, underlining its flexible publication strategy. It is the publisher’s first open access journal with a broad interdisciplinary approach covering the entire scientific spectrum. Papers from emerging areas of research are welcome.

A transparent and fast publication process is the hallmark of SpringerPlus. If a manuscript meets the necessary scientific criteria as determined by peer review, the paper will be accepted immediately and without major revision. The only thing that counts is the high quality of research described. The peer review process is organized efficiently so that authors can count on a very short time to publication. SpringerPlus is published as an online-only journal.

SpringerPlus will feature interdisciplinary manuscripts describing original research, case studies and methods. The journal guarantees a high standard of scientific quality while extending the range of data formats, accepting audiovisual formats, data reports, and extensive tables either as complete articles or part of the paper. There will be no restrictions on the number of words or figures, and articles detailing statistically negative correlation will be considered.

“SpringerPlus follows an interdisciplinary approach that allows us to bridge the gap for all those authors unable to find an open access journal at the interface with adjoining disciplines for their research topic,” explained Peter Hendriks, President STM Global Publishing & Marketing at Springer.

Springer ensures distribution to the widest possible audience, maximizing visibility and citations. Like all other SpringerOpen journals, SpringerPlus will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This means that authors retain copyright and all content is freely available in full to everyone immediately. Authors will be assessed a standard open access fee.

Springer began publishing individual open access papers through its Springer Open Choice model in 2004. Since then, the publishing group has refined and extended this publication model. In summer 2010, Springer launched a new open access portfolio which now contains more than 60 purely open access journals focusing on specific research areas. The interdisciplinary approach of SpringerPlus supplements this open access portfolio. Anyone with an internet connection can access the articles in these journals without a subscription.
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