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Jessica Reno
Love the Lord and love running
Love the Lord and love running

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Youth Hunt Day
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! Oh wait, I'm not Robin Williams, and this isn't Vietnam.  It's South Carolina and it's 4AM and I am awake!  WHY OH WHY?  Actually I've been awake since about 3AM.  Why?  I guess I'm excited for my son this morning. LJ in August on hi...

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Baby it's cold outside
Well, that might not be true here in Charleston...not yet anyway.  But it appears as though we may receive 2 or 3 days of winter weather here in South Carolina.  Regardless of the temperature outside, I can tell you, there will still be those people, those ...

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What's in a name?
Hi!  My name is Jessica.  Or is it Jesse? Jess? Mom? Miss Jessica? Wait, what is my name?  Well, I think that can only be answered by you.  You see, I am different names to different people.  And when we really dig down deep, we are all that way. Let's look...

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To See the Son Rise
It was November of 1991 and I was wondering what to do with my life.  I was stagnant in college, had no love life AT ALL and really did not know where I was headed in this life.  To say my life was going opposite to what I had planned was an understatement....

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The Touch of God's Calming Hand
Have you ever been the recipient of an unexpected blessing?  Has a
prayer request been answered before it was ever spoken?   Have you ever just sat back and said
"Thanks God" because you knew, without a shadow of a doubt that He
had answered your request be...

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2017 - My word
Well, 2016 is dead and gone. For a lot of people they are pretty pleased it is finally over. I honestly didn't think 2016 was that bad. We went on a pretty nice Spring Break vacation.  My stepdaughter graduated college.  Our son is doing well in both school...

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Its been far too long...again
Well, here it is again, another too many months between blog posts.  So what have I been doing? Well, we've gone through a swim team change, daughter graduating from college and moving to Texas (very very sad day).  Summer swim league, Long Course Season, s...

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David - Semaine 1 - Mercredi Un amour pas comme les autres
Un amour pas comme les autres   "Tu te rappelles
du moment où nous étions allés faire du shopping et tu as perdu Chase?"   Mes
enfants sont si généreux à me rappeler ce genre de choses.   Ils
étaient 8, 7, 4 et 2 et c’était deux jours avant Noël. Je sais, j...

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David - Semaine 1 - Lundi - Lorsque vous n'êtes pas le premier choix
Semaine 1- Lorsque vous n'êtes pas le premier choix Ohhh mes chères amies, Je suis tellement heureuse que vous nous joignez pour notre étude de la Bible en ligne cet été: David. J'ai prié pour vous depuis que nous avons commencé à travailler sur l'étude de ...

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Seimaine 1 - Lundi - La vie sans Dieu est Vanité
Semaine 1 : La vie sans Dieu est vanité   Au cours
de l'été , je lis un article sur   Markus
Persson   , le développeur du jeu vidéo populaire, Minecraft. Dans
l'article, il a déclaré que Persson avait vendu sa société de jeu vidéo l'année
dernière à Micros...
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