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bored as shitt! just got back from Aarons house i love my boyfriend!!<3

i guess you didnt care
i guess i liked that
when i fell hard you took a step backk

omg! your soo weird! not like little brother weird
more like the first time you stick your foort in jell-o weird!

single forever

orthodontist appointment todayy yay  lol

when you break a girls heart that was absolutely fully in love with you and gave you everything she had is like blowing up her world.

does it make sense to unconditionally love somebody 
even though they hurt you by breaking up with you? 
im so in love with you i just cant seem to grasp it that its actually happened or just let go and move on i cant 

all love does is break burn and end!

i just want you back :'"(  
i dont want anything eles or anyone eles but you 
i love youu alec joseph kenneth kitner

fuckk love fuckk relationships its like when i finally find someone i really do love and care for they leave just like alwayys and i end upp being stuck all by myself putting the pieces backk together!!
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