Hi everyone!

Well, it's been a while coming, but my "old school fantasy, new school play" roleplaying game MONSTERS & MAGIC is finally back in print! Available right now from DriveThruRPG, this is a fantasy roleplaying game which features unique mechanics which allow you to re-use your favourite and best-loved "1st edition" modules and campaign supplements with a modern and new school ruleset. The game comes with an introductory adventure and includes monsters and spells for your first 4 levels of play - and then you can simply plug in your favourite 1st edition monster compendiums and spell books with little or no conversion!

This release marks a relaunch of the Monsters & Magic game, with a brand new supplement, "Oriental Monsters & Magic" already in editing, and adventures and campaign materials in the pipeline.

Dust off your spell book, polish that suit of +1 plate armour, and unsheath your vorpal blade. Adventure awaits!

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