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In a race against time, only my words shall prevail.
In a race against time, only my words shall prevail.

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Stone Sanctuary
That day, I found my way to San Jose. Set up a stone sanctuary in the outskirts and prayed, "May all beings be blessed by abundance and rays of infinite love showering down, heaven's display."

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Pinecone Crystal Collection
I found a massive pinecone from Coulter Pine Tree and stuffed it full with rocks, crystals, and shells to create this 3D effect. Some notable rocks and crystals are blue kyanite, black kyanite, red kyanite, moldavite, selenite, tangerine quartz, tibetan qua...

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Apocalyptic Pic
The black swan signifies a U.S leader rising up from the quackmire of last century.  The leader promises to shed light on the situation. The U.S. has it's eye and influence in overseas wars. RFID chips, tattoos, or scanner bars will become mainstreamed as t...

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Easter Sunday
Every year, my momma bear Arranged selections of confectionaries, Sweets and treats that symbolized the revelation of The elation and celebration promised by God: Eternal joy deployed through Christ as He Rose from the grave on the third day. Eggs brightly ...

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Alphabet Poem (Jesus Christ)
J esus Christ K ing of the Jews L ord of the Earth M an for awhile G od for eternity

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A Slow, Soft Inchworm
A slow, soft inchworm rapped on my driver-side window while I sat at a stoplight earlier this afternoon. Nearly a millimeter long, it's fluorescent lime-green body begged me to allow him inside, so that I may save him from impending highway hell. Filled wit...

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Spring brings busy bees pleased to be buzzing between fragrant flowers following showers of Spring

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Dangers of Florida
When I was younger, I had the opportunity to travel to the United States. At first I didn't want to, because of how dangerous and confusing it was. However, after speaking with my grandmother and some of my friends, it was decided that I was strong enough...

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Picture from the Past

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It's All YOU!
The purpose of life is not material gain, or love, or enlightenment.
The purpose of life is to recognize that you are alive right now.
Seriously, look at yourself! Out of all the universe and its incredible
span of time you are here, right now! You are t...
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