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Only lvl 8 but getting the hang of weaving! Also, my character is too damn cute! 
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Crafting is fun. I only leveled WAR to 50 ... and then all the crafting / gathering to 50 ...
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Patrick Lyddy

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Finish or Frog It?!
Well, after asking, the consensus (all of the two replies) was to make a blog post. So here are the "question mark" projects that I can't decide on.. 1. Olan. Olan is a wonderful pattern. The details are subtle and I like the slip stitches. However, I bough...
Well, after asking, the consensus (all of the two replies) was to make a blog post. So here are the "question mark" projects that I can't decide on.. 1. Olan. Olan is a wonderful pattern. The details are subtle and I like the...
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1. Keep going. 2. frog. 3. frog. 4. keep going. 
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Patrick Lyddy

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Dude, this guy's work is AMAZEBALLS!!! He is just trying to make a living so help him out!!! Buy local, save the world. Also, Zombies!!
I've been trying to avoid doing this post ... I've been trying to manage things on my own, not to bother anyone and just keep on keeping on. But it's becoming painfully obvious that I can't do this alone. I'm just 1 man trying to be an artist and make a living out of it, to provide for my family, as well as being a good father and decent husband.
I'm doing  pretty well on the last 2, but the 'providing' part has become harder and harder lately. I am often robbing Peter to pay Paul and it's beginning to snowball a little. It was getting better for a while but I think I burned out with the promoting and fund raising I was doing for other people these last few months ... so I'm back in the red again. 
For the first time in 3 years I was late on my mortgage payment ... and now I'm behind in 'bills' and the next mortgage payment is days away.

So I'm here asking for some help from google+ ... to spread the word that I have art and prints and services to sell.
I'm not really seeking handouts but I also know there are those that just like to give, so I won't say no. (My paypal is

But what I really need is for people to spread the word. If you know someone that is in to the kind of artwork I do, or needs an artist, please let them know.

And if you've been thinking about getting a commission from me, please contact me.
Perhaps you want to join the +1000 zombies project, or even buy some art from my shop

Anything you can do to help or spread the word is really truly appreciated.
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+byron rempel just make art and express yourself honestly and I will consider myself well repaid :-)
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Patrick Lyddy

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This just created and listed! Come on, how freakin' cute is this guy?! I'm going to be making red ones too after I get some more yarn tomorrow. Just in time for Valentine's Day!!
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Awesome first design! Looking forward to many more fun things!
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Patrick Lyddy

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Coin is going to change the way you carry cards forever! $50 gets you a card that will replace them all. Pre orders are up now so get on it! And please use my link. Gets me a little bonus for ridding you of plastic! 
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Wow...that is fabulous!
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Patrick Lyddy

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Decided to join y'all since I'm newly addicted to FFXIV. I'm level 15 after only a couple of days. Still learning the mechanics and things but it's a whole lot of fun!! I'm playing on the PS3 so I don't have a keyboard (those "Say" quests and the Emote quests are a PITA without it!) but I'm making do. I haven't touched on the other classes yet. Just sticking with my Arcanist for now. 
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On Ultros too, of you see a lalafell named Patch that's me
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Patrick Lyddy

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These are absolutely adorable!!
Who wants a FREE teddy bear? 
+1 & share this picture! We might have some surprises waiting for you. 

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Patrick Lyddy

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Woot a post!
It's been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Lots, not actually happened. I think the most important thing that's happened is that I've been give contracts to craft! Two, so far, and both for crochet. After the first one I thought I could put...
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Awesome! Keep it up! 
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Patrick Lyddy

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Ok, so, I found this video because I need to steam block something. Apart from being informative, it's hilarious. I pretty much laughed throughout the whole thing and had to rewatch a couple of sections...
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I'm taking my next lace on the Lusitania
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Right now there are only a couple of things until I make more samples, but the new logo is up and it's lookin' good!!
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Thanks +Dave Bennett !
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Office Manager/Artisan/Doer
  • The Wellness Corporation
    Office Manager, 2011 - 2013
    Coordinating training sessions, client surveys, financial data, special projects, office duties, supplies/ordering, some IT duties.
  • FYE
  • Waldenbooks
  • Kmart
    Pantry Dept. Manager
  • Spencer's Gifts
    Sales Associate
  • McDonalds
    Crew Trainer
  • Walmart
  • JoAnn Fabrics
    Merchandising Team Lead
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BGP, Kobuu
Knitter for Hire, Crocheter, Dreamer, Enabler!
Welcome to my profile! If you've found me, you must be a crafter! I'm a knitter first, crocheter (hooker) second. I love taking on new challenges in patterns and in life.

I've built up a slight reputation for "enabling" other crafters so if you follow me, you've been warned. I like to post about new patterns, new yarns, new sales, and all around crafty things that are interesting or intriguing. 

As for the social aspect, I'm looking to network mostly with other crafters. I'm an amateur photographer, beginner designer, writer and also somewhat of a grammar nazi. I blog irregularly at, mostly about knitting and various projects on which I'm working. Greatest accomplishment of 2013 was to knit my entire Ravelry queue. That said, it's now 2 pages long, again, and will pose just as much a challenge going into 2014. 

Thanks for stopping by! I am always on the lookout for more connections and really enjoy meeting new people in hangouts or via posts. It's a great big world out there but we, as humans, can make it just a little bit nicer by connecting with each other.
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
    English, 2001 - 2005
  • Oakmont Regional High School
    1997 - 2001
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The owner, Kristin, has working knowledge of current designers like Stephen West. We bonded over that instantly. We then had a discussion about different kinds of yarns, I showed her my current project (Fractal) which she enjoyed. There's a couple of places to sit and just knit/crochet here and still feel welcome. On street parking was a snap, the other customers were friendly, even to a male knitter, and overall the store was neat and PACKED with yarn. One caveat: there is no Malabrigo or MadelineTosh here. The owner has decided not to carry them due to supply issues. This is not a fault, just a warning if you're looking for those. I, for one, enjoyed the hand-dyed yarns, the small batch stuff, and the array of Cascade products there! I will definitely be going back and will enjoy every minute!
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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This place has become our new favourite breakfast spot. The staff is friendly, there is a ton of space and even on this past Mother's Day, there was no wait for a table and the food came out fast and hot! Will have to come back for lunch or dinner.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Order online, delivery is fast and food was delicious! We tried this place on a whim and were glad we did. Specifically, the Lo Mein was made perfectly to order. I actually just placed another order with them as I was starving and we needed something quick and cheap. Their prices are a *little* high on some dishes and about average on others. Expect a great deal of food though. You won't be hungry afterwards. I will warn that I think they use MSG. It's that ever hungry for more Chinese food thing when you eat their stuff. But it's TASTY so I kind of don't care. Give them a shot! Their website is actually very secure. I place my order right through there and they just call me when they get here!
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Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
9 reviews
Pretty nice atmosphere. Waiters are a little pushy with clearing your table as you go. Have to tell them to leave the sauce if you have an empty plate of it. Overall really good value and you leave feeling full but not heavy. Beware, I think they undercook the fried dough. It was cold and gooey inside.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Decent portions, smooth coffee, friendly staff. This will definitely become a frequent stop.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago