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asynchronous I/O for Lua
asynchronous I/O for Lua

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Released 0.8.2 (First public release of 0.8 series)

* Changes between 0.8.1 to 0.8.2


    * Fix an issue with an infinite loop in utils.dump (Ryan Phillips)

* Changes between 0.8.0 to 0.8.1


    * File descriptor leak on SyncWriteStream (Ryan Phillips)
      * Emit error on double write
    * Improve loading of Root CA Certs (Ryan Phillips)
    * Pathing fixes for windows (Rob Emanuele)

* Changes between 0.7.0 to 0.8.0

  Api Changes

    * ListenerCount on EventEmitter (Song Gao)

  New features

    * libuv poll binding (Ryan Phillips)


    * errors table misplaced (gsick)
    * Freebsd Tweaks (Ryan Phillips)
    * Whitespace cleanup (Tim Caswell)
    * NPM Support (Wouter Scherphof)
    * Documentation tweak for core module (Rafis Ganeyev)
    * Global leaks + DNS Callback (Ryan Phillips)
    * MSVC Linker tweak to not strip LuaJIT symbols (Andread Lange)
    * poor use of path join in the zlib test (Rob Emanuele)
    * uv_print_*_handles (Andread Lange)
    * Absolute Paths (Tomaz Muraus)
    * Response Object Error Propagation (Tomaz Muraus)
    * Posix Signal Handling (Ryan Phillips)
    * Build fixes for ARM (Tomaz Muraus)


    * LuaJIT bump to 2.0.3
    * LibUV bump to 0.10.27
    * OpenSSL Bump to 1.0.1h

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New luvit release! 0.7.0. Lots of good stability and bug fixes in this one. Check it out

* Changes between 0.6.0 to 0.7.0

  API Changes

  * Process.hrtime (Felix Gallo)

  New features

  * Detached Processes (Ryan Phillips)
  * Windows: 64bit support (Rob Emanuele)


  * Windows: Mixed path separators (norefle)
  * Implement optional extension removal in path.basename (Chris Hoffman)
  * Fix missing handle increment on watcher creation (Chris Hoffman)
  * Warning fix (Chris Hoffman)
  * Long filenames on Windows (Rob Emanuele)
  * Windows cleanup (Rob Emanuele)
  * make bundle works on OSX machines (Alfred Tascon)
  * instanceof fix (andi)
  * make yajl build honor CFLAGS (Vladimir Dronnikov)


  * Luajit 2.0.2 (Tim Caswell and Rob Emanuele)
  * Libuv v0.10.13 (Rob Emanuele)
  * Cares Library (Rob Emanuele)
  * Gyp upgrade (Rob Emanuele)
  * New signal handling changes (Ryan Phillips)

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New luvit release! 0.6.0. Lots of good stability and bug fixes in this one. Check it out

* Changes between 0.5.0 to 0.6.0

  API Changes

  * Streams now act like node's in all known cases
    the "closed" event is now gone (Brandon Philips)
  * nil timers are now accepted (AJ ONeal)

  New features

  * UDP support (Ryan Phillips)
  * Tons of tests! (Hiroaki Nakamura)
  * Object.instanceof (Hiroaki Nakamura)
  * Add get/set UID/GID function on POSIX (andrey)
  * add getProcessTitle/setProcessTitle (Tim Caswell)
  * Using luajit 2.0.0 final
  * Using libuv nodev0.8.16 (Brandon Philips/Tim Caswell)
  * Add uninstall to Makefile (Matt Sullivan)
  * Gyp build has install target (Hiroaki Nakamura)


  * Improved Makefile options (hasufell)
  * Fix a close() call on a wrong Timer object (Tomaz Muraus) #376, #377
  * Fixup Windows process spawning (Bert Belder)
  * tls pull fixes (Brandon Philips)
  * Normalize CRLF/LF for Windows (Rob Emanuele)
  * Fix long paths for Windows (Rob Emanuele)
  * Fix test-ffi.lua to work on Windows (Rob Emanuele)
  * Fix Socket destroyed flag (Brandon Philips)
  * Fix Socket pipe implementation (Brandon Philips)
  * Fix pipe implementation in general (Brandon Philips)
  * Fix stream reading crash on exception (Matt Kaniaris)
  * Compiler warning fixes (Brandon Philips)
  * Fix up S_IS* macros on Windows (Brad Morgan)
  * Fix Object:extend (Matt Kaniaris)
  * Fix fverify leaking errors in lcrypto (Brandon Philips)
  * Free req when TCP connect fails (Ryan Phillips)
  * Fix test runner (Matt Kaniaris)
  * Fix SyncWriteStream and _G.len (Kengo Nakajima)
  * luv_close fixes (Ryan Phillips)
  * make clean now cleans up zlib/lcrypto (Brandon Philips)
  * Fixes to the windows build (Ryan Phillips)
  * Fixup stdin/stdout/stderr logic (Brandon Philips/Ryan Phillips)
  * Fix listeners on http missing events (Brandon Philips)
  * Don't call pauseNoRef on lua stream like objects (Tomaz Muraus)
  * Fix util.bind memory leak and to preserve nil (Tim Caswell)
  * Fix double close on Handle/Timers (Brandon Philips)
  * Close stdin only if already closed (Paul Querna)
  * Hold coroutine when handler created in coroutine (Andrew Tsao)

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+Tim Caswell gave a talk about the journey of building luvit at nodeconf this morning. Slides over here:    

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Announcing Luvit 0.5.0. Improved HTTP client, HTTPS client, and new co-routine sugar!

* Changes between 0.4.0 to 0.5.0

  API Changes

  * http module has been largely refactored/rewritten to be node-like.

  New Features

  * New http module - posts, chunking, and headers now work (Ryan Phillips)
  * New https module - leverages the new http submodule (Ryan Phillips)
  * Improved fiber module (Tim Caswell)

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+Brandon Philips will be giving a talk about Luvit at +Open Source Bridge at 4:45 today in B201.

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Announcing Luvit 0.4.0 now with prebuilt binaries for Ubuntu, OSX, Windows, and Raspberry PI!

* Changes between 0.3.1 to 0.4.0

  API Changes

  * dns.isIPv* has been renamed and moved to net.*

  New Features

  * Memory usage improvements (+Ryan Phillips, +Paul Querna+Brandon Philips, +Tim Caswell )
  * Callback State infrastructure (Brandon Philips)
  * TLS Ticketing (+Michael Kandrashoff)
  * Reference counting (Tim Caswell)
  * Improve timers (Ryan Phillips)
  * Add os.clock (Tadeusz Wojcik)
  * (Michael Kandrashoff)


  * zlib (Paul Querna)
  * OpenSSL  w/ Skinny Option (Paul Querna)

  Bug Fixes

  * C89 Improvements (Antal Szabó)
  * Assertion fixes (Antal Szabó)
  * url.parse parseQueryString (+Tomaž Muraus )
  * process.spawn environment passing on windows (Ryan Phillips)
  * Solaris build fixes (+Ben Noordhuis)
  * DNS IPv6 resolving (Ryan Phillips)
  * TCP Connect IPv6 (Ryan Phillips)
  * TLS Fixes (Brandon Philips)
  * TLS Tests (Brandon Philips)
  * Various Windows fixes (Brandon Philips, Ryan Phillips)
  * luv_zlib uninitialized variable (Paul Querna)
  * Use gyp submodule (Brandon Philips)

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+Brandon Philips gave a talk about +luvit in San Francisco at Noisebridge's 5 minutes of fame ( Check it out.

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