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I'm nervous about checking that "Also email xx people not yet using Google+" box. It feels like spam. Although Google gets cool points for the viral attempt

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Everyone talks about Influencer marketing but the real gold comes from Wooing the Groupies...

Is there an easy way to get my YouTube account videos into Google Plus without needing to download/reupload. Seems like there should be an easy way.

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Yep, this is badass.
Sony Pictures has released the official trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man reboot. Thoughts?

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5 Major Advantages Of Guest Blogging | Netchunks

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Google+ Just 'Another' Social Network? | Small business marketing blog ...

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I wonder when the Google+ Etiquette Police will show up and start telling me what I can and cannot do here.

Just like that, Pandora hits the trash bin with a thud... Spotify is going to kill a lot of "puddy cats" that way...
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