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Reading our school reader in bed and it talks about a milkwoman - after an explanation Miss Six just said "Why? When you can get it from the shop?" #t #timeshavechanged

The worst thing about Australia getting rolled for 60 was that it wasn't 25! #ashes #t

Anyone else unable to delete photos in +Google Photos​ due to it not having permission to the SD card? #t

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I will have to give this one a try #t

Hi All,
I would be interested in how other Colleges have set up their OU in GAFE?

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How long will it be before a Classics student is able to submit a virtual reality battle to explain Alexander the Great's battle strategies? #t

I wonder when YouTube offline will be available to all? A great tool for teachers where bandwidth is a problem #t

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Is anyone that is using OneNote Classroom Creator able to help me with a question.  Once you have set up your class, how do you easily add a new section to every students OneNote?  An example could be a reading activity that you want every student to complete. #t  
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