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it's strange. G+ has pretty cool features, yet why do i find myself hardly using it compared to Facebook, and more recently, Path?

it's not entirely a cold start problem - i have more contacts here than on Path, for example.

i think part of it has to do with the fact that the intended audience for the content that i'm sharing resides very strongly in the other networks and not in G+. the fact that they are not in or actively using G+ also suggests that the user experience is not compelling enough for them to stick with it long enough.

Google has long given its regular users a very utilitarian experience; so much so that i think users are not accustomed to connecting with its services in a more personal manner. i actually like using Path to share personal moments and pictures of my children. G+ has a very different vibe.

hey Google, multi-acct sign-in on Gmail mobile may be a step in the right direction, but it's a useless gesture until you make the rest of your mobile services (such as Reader) understand this paradigm.

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cool, as much for the research as the code itself.

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iOS 3/4: "If you are busy and can't take an incoming call, or you are already in a call and can't take the second call, you can press a shortcut to send an SMS with a preset 'I'll call you back' message to the person calling you."

i've gotta remember to give it a try sometime.

as i add more people into Circles, the Find and Invite list becomes harder and harder to parse. maybe it needs a "don't show me this person anymore" function..

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it's about dang time. now would you get to supporting multiple sign-in for mobile already?

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"Where most firms falter is in their misunderstanding of GE's broader context, which integrates talent development into performance assessment. GE's differentiation philosophy assumes that most people have the capacity to continually grow if they are stretched, challenged, and developed."

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apparently, you can hit Cmd-1 while Cmd-tabbing to bring up all windows of the selected application in Expose. nifty.
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