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This is a post to complain about a situation that I have since April 2018. I start from the beginning:

I am an Enlightened agent called Paumaza in the scanner and @Paumaza on telegram. When I created my account in March 2015 I did it with my school mail ( School decided to take down this e-mail account as I am no longer a student. I contacted them and asked if it was possible to reactivate it. The answer was negtive, so I did the only thing that I thought it could help me, I send a ticket to Ingress support, following the current procedure. Niantic sent me an automatic response and a person answered me afterwards. Below his answer:


Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to transfer your Ingress player account from one email address to another.


(Name of the person answering)| Niantic Support

By that time I was PoC from the region o Barcelona and from Spain, also PoC of Barcelona anomalies, Mission days being held in Catalonia and organizing operations and other events for localcomunity and helping operating whenever was necessary. I mentioned this also in my request. As my request was denied I decided to quit as a PoC for all the upcoming events I was working on and ll the things mentioned previously.

So I wonder why it is so hard to change the link between an account and its mail. If it needed a verification is it hard to get? I belong to a strong community that supports me and I am very well know in the ENL community globally. Niantic would just need to ask to trusted people, for example Vanguards about my legitmate right to get my account back. I am a level 16 player with several hours behind me and a lot of badges that I will loose. Additionally as I said before I have been commited with my community in the preparation of events and lately with support for Anomalies sice about June 2015.

I feel deeply dissapointed for the way I'm being treated with this request.

Looking forward for a prompt answer from your side.

Number of request: #646296

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