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Zander Gavin
I probably should feel bad about all of this.... but I don't.
I probably should feel bad about all of this.... but I don't.

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The Police have made an enemy of me this day. All of you here know me. You know that I supported the police through everything they were facing lately. Know that I would gladly fight along side them should the shit hit the fan.

Not Anymore.

As I was leaving for work this morning, several police units surrounded my truck. They raided my house. Claiming on the warrant they had proof that I was distributing child pornography. Two fucking hours they searched my home, took pictures, most notably of my guns. And found nothing. They then seized my computer, my hard drives, and my phone saying if the lab turned up nothing I could possibly get them back but it would be six months to a year before the crime lab would be able to process them.

I have lost all fucking faith in police, all trust in the Justice system. I do not give a damn what happens to those wearing a badge. They are no allies of mine.

Tell me this officers. If you were really there for child pornography why then did you go out of your way to search my house for guns, why did you go through the trouble of pulling my body armor out of the closet, taking the plates out and photographing that? What benefit did the drawers in my fucking kitchen serve? What were you really after?

I have lost all respect for those wearing badges. I am not the type to attempt to assassinate an officer, but no longer will I help you against the one that does.

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Sounds like the bitch is allergic to Patriotism.

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Support Your Local and State Law Enforcement
Make America Great Again!!


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Who wants to bet it wasn't a muslim? I've got 20$ says it was muslims. IT'S ALWAYS FUCKING MUSLIMS!

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Trump or Cruz
Some of my Conservative friends question my support of Trump. Some were less than cordial about it. So I take this time to set the record straight. I support Ted Cruz, in all honesty he was my first choice. I am in full support of all he believes in. Howeve...

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As much as I would like nothing more then to start shooting federal agents in retaliation, I have to accept one clear item here.
Lavoy was militia. Not Civilian. His death is casualty of a conflict that he knowingly got involved in.

Don't get me wrong. Lavoy was murdered by federal agents. Had this happened in the South, I would be starting a gorilla campaign in retaliation.

I think though, that the feds may have gotten trigger happy. I am currently under the belief that Lavoy was the casualty of wrong place wrong time, fact is he was nobody (in respects). I think the Feds real intention here was to kill Ammon Bundy. He was the leader. They went through a great deal of effort for all this, and it seems like there is more going on here then we know.

What is needed to kick off this civil war is Government shooting civilians without provocation or cause. Such as the Boston Massacre.
However I will accept Gun confiscation, democrat voter fraud, or any attempt by Obama to stay in office as a first shot.

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If I didn't know better, I would say this motherfucker has a camera on my computer desk.

1. Am I a single white man? yes

2. Am I childless? yes, well as far as I know, I mean there is atleast one ex-girlfriend I haven't spoken to in nine months.

3. Do I masturbate to anime? I have.

3a. Which one? I believe it's called New Angel in english. about a Guy who has this raging crush on his friend at school, and in his attempts to woo her, he keeps sleeping with other women. So an anime with graphic hardcore sexual aspects, I believe that makes it a Hentai.

But to put simply I am a Blue Collar White American Working Man and Tax Payer, and you Mr. Wilson have just insulted a good 30 percent MINIMUM of your entire parties base. You just went full retard.

BTW ladies, as I am single, if any of you are interested in a serious relationship, feel free to contact me. Conservative Women ONLY.

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I am in no way saying people deserved to die, but I AM saying that France brought this shit on themselves.

There are only two types of muslims. Terrorists, and those who support them.
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