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Richard Rohlin
"I have been doing battle forever against the proud forces of stupidity." - Bothius
"I have been doing battle forever against the proud forces of stupidity." - Bothius

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I was pretty sick, but the rest of the group kept it lively. For my part I am satisfied: There's a nice symmetry in ending our time in Phexcaer by saving Anvar again.
It was a super fun night for Wigolas, finding bird eggs, finally coming back to talk to his boss, and drinking out of a minotaur's horn because reasons. Also, very much screwing over one of our best NPC friends BECAUSE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!

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Old Norse roundtable happening now!

The best part of working at home is listening to +Sophia Grace sing.

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Tune in tonight to watch +Benjamin Feehan +Sophia Grace +Amanda Rhoades +Grace Elizabeth and myself do our level best to completely derail all of +John-Matthew DeFoggi's carefully laid plans!
Episode 8 of the Hidden Knife will begin in a couple of hours. Tonight's episode will feature a wedding, consumption of sugary sweets, and perhaps unveil a conspiracy.... who knows!

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If you are interested in Old Norse, you might check out this free round-table that Signum is hosting on Friday. Professors Anderson and Goering were my Old Norse instructors this past term and they are both excellent teachers, and I expect this round-table will be both fun and instructive.

And it's free!

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H/t +Jeremiah Burns​.
Ride of the Valkyries by +Jenny Dolfen

(Watercolour on Nuageux grainy paper)

From the artist:
This was meant to be for a book that was put together by about a hundred women professionals, all illustrating females in Fantasy. The project got too big and unmanageable, and officially ended this month. The book won’t happen, unfortunately, but fortunately, I can now show this!

There’s prints of it too. :)

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For various reasons, I just worked up a series of Dwarven Courtship rules for #TheOneRingRPG.

Should be a fun night.

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Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, and now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Happy Easter.
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