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We have 2 new events on our website. Also there is a taichi push hands seminar on the 30th that we are working out the details for.

There will be no classes tonight (2/29/2012) due to the snow . Stay home and keep warm.

Shaolin Miami 2012
March: 12, 2012 to March: 15, 2012
Miami, FL
Join Master Lisandro Vega in an intensive Eagle Claw, Chin Na, and Whip Chain Kung Fu training camp for school owners, instructors, and students. A Master Level instructor of internal and external styles, he is one of the most well-rounded traditional martial artists in the country. With 35 years or martial arts experience, Master Li has trained with some of the most respected Kung Fu Masters.

Training will be held at the Miami Everglades Resort in Miami Florida
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