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Those are pictures of human beings trying to provide for a better life for their families.
I have great sympathy for them.
 You do have to ask though, why they've not stayed in their countries and, with the billions in help we've given them, not been more successful in throwing off their oppressors. But until they throw off the,  barbaric, teachings of the only book they know, the Koran, they will never be free.

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I am appalled when I witness Aaron Rodgers hold the ball out, for all the world to see, before handing the ball to a running back.
No wonder it's so hard to gain yardage on the ground.  Eddie LeBaron a smallish QB from the early fifties was so slick handling the ball you'd think he was doing card tricks. If you can get some old film of him check him out, he was something else.

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Seems like sound advice, and solves a lot of problems.

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Do yourself, and Papa a favor and roll these thoughts around in your head.
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