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Matt made the best beef tonight! :D

How come "philosopher" never comes up in the want ads?

Had an interesting conversation with someone on tour tonight about encore/redo weddings. She was of the opinion it was tacky, and even hurtful. I really don't see how getting invited to a party, even if it's a yearly party, celebrating the happiness of two people, should offend.

Her thoughts were you only get one, or at the most one per social group. 50th anniversary renewals are okay, but nothing else, even privately, because there is something "special" about taking vows the first time that's not there afterwards. I asked her then, what about people like myself? Matt and I believe that consent to marriage = marriage. Not a judge or a preacher, or saying magic words... so by her logic, wouldn't our one and only party be offensive. She didn't know what to say to that.

Seeing as I have friends and family who range from happily unmarried to multiple parties/redos.... what's your take? Weddings fascinate me hugely because I see so many people getting worked up about them in odd ways. For that matter, what do you think a wedding is for? (Just the legalities? Spiritual matters? Religious mandate? Fun and party?)

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I love Club Habana. :D I love champagne and absinthe in Charleston with Matt and another artist buddy.

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