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Wanted to share my CEO circle's. The first is almost 500 and the second one is 50. These are folks who currently or formerly hold the title of CEO in their profile.

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+Paul Meriweather when you say these Plussers currently or formerly hold the title CEO in their profile ◘ which profile are you referring too? Their G+ Personal profile or Business profile or both? and how were you able to locate | validate that metric? Not "manually" I hope?
+Neil Ferree Neil, it was manual and at the time I reviewed the profile, it was their personal and not their business. They may have changed it since I made the circle though. Sorry for the delayed response.
I think Matt Cutts is SEO not a CEO!  Still an awesome circle... and I too must add a title! :)  Although not sure CEO is a particularly valid title for me and my with only three people fulltime! :)
Please do include me in one or other of these circles, thank you!
Add me too, I am a startup social media company here in South Africa 
I am the CEO of an ecommerce consultancy, please add me to the circle
can't add to this circle anymore but added you to the current one I have.
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