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Shelley Giard
I will help you switch from " I can't" to " I CAN!
I will help you switch from " I can't" to " I CAN!

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Hello.... It's Been A While
THE LAST TIME I WROTE December 5th, 2016, my 43rd birthday... I wrote a blog post  from a hospital room where I was with my youngest daughter. She had a random seizure and stopped breathing the day before. It was the scariest day of my life but also the mos...

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Too many people WORRY more about what others say that isn't true, than they do about what actually IS true.

The more you progress and succeed, the more often these attacks will come. Don't let the attack cause an emotional reaction that damages YOUR character.

If what they say is true... fix it

#SelfDevelopment #ShelleyGiard


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What I Didn't Think Would Happen... Did
Today is my 43rd birthday... and just as I typically do each year on this day, I am reflecting on the past year of life. Today however, I am reflecting from a hospital room watching my youngest little angel peer at a television screen from her hospital bed;...

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I woke up this morning knowing that that our new President had been chosen... just like everyone else.
knew that many of my beauty industry, LBGT and liberal friends who voted and fully supported Hillary would feel defeated, sad, and fearful as I have seen where they stood and understand why they chose as they did.

I WAS SENSITIVE TO THAT and truly feel bad for their hearts because they are passionate about what they feel, live, believe and want for their communities.

I RESPECT their opinions and views because that is what makes them who they are. I am honored to have friends who stand BY what they stand FOR.

I knew that the majority of my Christ-following friends would be rejoicing and feel relived that the person they felt was the best man won.

I WAS SENSITIVE TO THAT and feel happy that they are happy. I am glad that their beliefs and passions will now be represented.

I RESPECT their opinions and views because that is what makes them who they are. I am honored to have friends who stand BY what they stand FOR.

There are also friends that voted for someone they knew had no chance of winning. They did not want either of the candidates that had a chance, to run our country, yet they felt it was important to cast a vote as an American. Some of those people wrote someone in, some of them actually stood behind the person they picked who just happened to not be as popular.

I WAS SENSITIVE TO THAT and truly feel they made the right choice for them.

I RESPECT their opinions and views because that is what makes them who they are. I am honored to have friends who stand BY what they stand FOR.

People asked me what I did... who I voted for...

This is what I will share with you. I did not get a sticker.

WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE... OR NOT, and for that, I am thankful to live in America.

Some people, like me, realize that this world is corrupt, and has been corrupt for a very long time, they realize that the perfect "and it was good" world created by God is in the hands of Him still, but being corrupted by man. Selfish values and morals have taken over this world and it gets worse every single day.

God knows what will draw us closer to Him and He consistently tries to make this world beautiful again and for that I will trust in Him and do what I can to serve HIS mission.

Some people, like me realize that it was mans self- serving feelings that took away what was meant for us IN THE BEGINNING.

Some people, like me have "fence issues" and the issues are strong enough to keep us from being able to pick just one majority person, because the candidates are so divided on views.

So...just as many people feel that it is necessary to cast their opinion (because in reality that is all it truly is) there are also those, like me who feel that their opinion should be kept to themselves... that realize an opinion is not right or wrong, but rather a personal feeling or view. So we chose to not cast our opinion and KNEEL to pray instead.

I AM SENSITIVE TO THAT because THAT WAS ME and just like you, I will stand up for what I believe in.

I RESPECT my opinions and views just as I respect everyone else's because that is what makes me me. I am honored to have friends who stand BY what they stand FOR and can RESPECT me for doing the same.

What pains me the most in all of this, is the hateful division we have. A country divided by personal, self-serving opinions and FEAR. I know that as long as we have all of that, we will have corruption, and hate, and it will get worse instead of better.

For that reason, I will continue to kneel and pray, for not only our country but for our leader. YES... OUR LEADER. If you are a Christian, you are supposed to do the same, no matter WHO it is. Have you done that the last 8 years?


I am thrilled that I have diverse friends, with different views and lifestyles because that allows me to be compassionate and sensitive to the feelings of others, not just my own.

It should NOT be about me, or you, or your community or race, or religion. IT SHOULD BE ABOUT US.

With all of our self-serving opinions, lifestyles and different views, we must live together, but we are FAR from together... THAT is apparent.

I had "friends" make comments that I did not understand... it revealed the true person inside of them.

It is in times like this when the truth of who people REALLY are comes out, and I must admit that I was saddened at what this election, more than any other election revealed about some of the people that I know.

But... I will still love them and respect them for who they are and what they stand for. I just realize that they may not feel the same way about me after reading this post, because they feel that their opinion is more important than mine. I am okay with that and respect their decision to delete me if they choose. God will take out of my life those that do not need to be there.

We all have our reasons, for voting as we did. I chose what I felt was best for all of us and that was to TRUST IN GOD and keep my opinion to myself.

Shelley Giard
Mother, Author, Speaker, Mentor

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Respect can be silent...

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Just Imagine If It Had Been You...
So, it is late on this Sunday night... I just wrapped up my live broadcast on Facebook. My topic tonight was self belief and self esteem. Considering I was competing with Sunday night football, I felt blessed to have a great turn out and must admit I was su...

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Once The Dust Settles...
The dust has settled from a busy week of trying to get nestled into a temporary space until the construction is complete on our new place. I figured I better not miss my Monday morning blog post. BREATHE RELAX AND WRITE... This is what I told myself on this...

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You Can Overcome It!
Ahhh.. that calming sound of piano music twinkling through the headphones as I type; one of my favorite times to myself is when I write. It is healing, cleansing and always seems to remove heaviness I feel in my mind. It's why I choose to sit and write when...

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