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Losing temper at workplace is nothing new. I have experienced it in self, seen it in others. I’m sure most of you would have felt it too. We have always been told to not get angry, right? It is termed unprofessional, immature and in some sense bad. What if I say it’s not bad? At least not all parts of it are bad. What if I say getting angry can get you better results? 

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Why Getting Angry Isn’t Always A Bad Thing?
Someone else took credit for your efforts?  Boss took away the opportunity you deserved? No
one paid attention to your opinion? Any of it sounds familiar? These are some
situations that can cause disappointment at workplace. But what happens if it
occurs re...

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Caution: Don’t get addicted to Online Shopping – Discounts won’t last!!
Why do big online retailers like Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal
continue to offer huge discounts and attractive offers despite of making huge
losses? It was a week before Diwali; I was helping my dad decorate our
house. For my overseas readers, Diwali is the bi...

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Tea Seller to Prime Minister - 6 Things Corporate World can learn from India's Prime Minister
From a tea seller to becoming the leader of biggest
democracy in the world, corporate world can learn a lot from India’s present Prime
Minister, Narender Modi. There are enough articles & reports on internet
about his political & personal journey, and hence...

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Fan of shopping online? You must read this.

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How India Online Shopping Giants made it BIG?
Three top online e-retailers… All have IIT connections, all
started small, all made some brave (read crazy) decisions, all of them made
swift adjustments to their business model to make it “BIG”. From same day delivery
to hassle free returns, from cash on d...

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4Us of Influencing Presentations
Few weeks ago a senior person in our company approached me to
help one of her manager. She and this individual had agreed on a development. One
of the aspect in his plan was to develop influencing skills. She gave me some
background and asked me if I can he...

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7 Deadly Sins of New Managers
Until machines take over every piece of work, we will need people to perform tasks. And as long as people are employed business will need managers. Here are 7 terrible mistake which managers must avoid. Though these lessons are more applicable for new manag...

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What if LUCK runs out? (Part 2)
Before I dwell deeper in to factors that could determine
outcome, I read more about what others say or think about instincts. Daniel Kahneman,
a Nobel Prize winning psychologist, co-wrote a research paper with Amos
Tversky, which Daniel termed as his favour...

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What if Luck runs out? How I plan to deal with it... 
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