My book "Beginning Haskell" [] is out! :)

It discusses our favourite language from beginner (assumming no previous knowledge about functional programming) into upper intermediate level. Apart from the "classical" topics of Haskell, I've tried to provide an overview of the entire Haskell ecosystem. Project management with Cabal, unit testing, lenses, streaming data libraries (such as conduit), Software Transactional Memory, Cloud Haskell and building web applications are many of the libraries and concepts that the book introduces. You can look at the Table of Contents in Amazon [].
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was in the alpha - great work there! - based on what I read so far I would recommend this as a second read after LYAH
Great news!! Thanks Alejandro! I was part of the technical review board and I learned a lot!
Awesome - just picked up a copy and found a few minor typos already, is there anywhere we can submit them to?
I don't have that information. I know that it's available on-line both from Apress and in Safari Books.
Will the ebook formats (e.g. PDF) receive continual updates, such as corrections to recently reported typos?
I'm not completely sure, but until now they have received the on-going corrections to the Alpha version.
Alejandro, I'm thoroughly enjoying this book. Reading it feels like the author is a friend, and we are having fun learning Haskell.
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