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52 Shades of Gray
2014 Black & White photography workshop sign-up. 

People wishing to join the community should read this post in it's entirety.

 After reading this post, if you're interested in being considered for membership, leave a comment that answers the questions found at the bottom of this post. There is a limited number of spaces available so please answer the questions completely. 

What is 52 Shades of Gray ?
52 Shades of Gray 2014 is a learning community that stresses a high level of participation.  We share our work and offer critique to each other.  We share detailed explanations of our workflow, our vision for an image and our thought processes.  Some might call this a mentorship program but we like to think of it as a journey of discovery that we take together. 

This is a special, private community for people interested in improving their Black and White photography through the exploration of form, shape, contrast, negative space, attention to detail, composition, post-processing, the Digital Zone System and more.  

The     #52ShadesOfGray  program is a series of assignments and workshops designed to help you see the world around you.  To discover more, to see more, to search the light and the dark.  In short we hope to improve your sense of the world around you, to help you develop your skills as a photographer and to help you find your vision.   The program will last the whole year.  52 Shades of Gray is now about to launch its second year. The project includes lessons, assignments, informal discussions, hangouts, and recorded tutorials. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!  52 Shades of Gray is brought to you by a team of dedicated moderators and teachers.  

PLEASE READ THIS:  Monochrome Photography requires post-processing so,  post processing is a part of the assignments. It's recommended that you have Lightroom, Photoshop, and the #nikcollection  or similar software. This isn't a post-processing workshop as such but, creating your vision in B&W will be a lot easier if you have these programs.  This workshop is to help you take more remarkable photographs by helping you to see the hidden world around you, and to help you increase your understanding of basic and advanced photography / art principles.

The 52 Shades of Gray community is private so that you can explore your vision without it being visible to the public.  The only work shared to G+ is the work you choose to share.

What to expect
52SOG is an assignment based workshop.   During the year there will be approximately 40 assignments requiring new photography.  Some assignments may last more than a week but most will be one week long.  New assignments are posted on Friday.  In addition to 40 assignments, there will be 6 weeks where the assignment is a recap of the more recent unit.

52SOG requires a high level of commitment. 
This means that you will need to spend several hours a week taking images, processing those images, preparing your post, and critiquing the images posted by other community members.

The heart of 52SOG is participation.  Life is such that no one is expected to participate every week but, inactive members may be asked to resign from the community.  Please don't ask to join if you can't dedicate several hours per week to this journey of discovery. 

What 52SOG is not
• It's not a photography theme. You can't just dump a photo on the
 community and leave.  

• It's not a Project 52.  Most of the time there won't be a specific
 subject to shoot.  It's more concept based. You won't get a lot of
 oohs and aahs and flattery. You will get a lot of honest critique. 
• 52 Shades of Gray is not part of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers,
 by +Robin Griggs Wood +Tamara Pruessner and +Ron Clifford but,
 +Charles Lupica owes Robin a debt of gratitude for his participation in
 Robin's mentorshipfor mentors program.  The +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers is a great program so check it out. 

• 52 Shades of Gray is not a technical Photography workshop, it's not


These are the selection criteria:
• You must be taking and posting photographs regularly on G+, B&W is
 a plus.
• You must be interactive here at G+, as you will be expected to
 participate in this program giving feedback and comments to others.
 Taking part in this program will require you to interact with other
 community members.  
• You have the time available to participate in this workshop and will
 commit to the program knowing that it is expected to take place
 throughout the coming year. No one can be expected to participate
 for all 52 weeks; but that is the goal.
Please let us know that you're interest in being chosen to participate in 52 Shades of Gray 2014 by answering the following questions in a comment.

1) Photography skill level
2) Photo editing software used most (especially for B&W conversion)
3) Favorite three subjects to photograph 
4) Aspirations for your B&W photography
5) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Intermediate hobby photographer
2) Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS5, Silver Efx Pro, Photomatix
3) Street, landscapes, waterscapes
4) To improve the impact of my images and move beyond snapper with a camera.
7) I hope to be able to participate for all 52 weeks but family, vacation, and work may occasionally get in the way. When they do, I'll try to catch-up as much as I can. 

NOTICE! … The selections will be made quickly and the program will begin in January 2014. The first assignment will be full of information about getting set up for the program. It will also include an assignment to shoot a new selfie.

NOTE: there will be assignments most weeks and it is expected that all images will be taken during the assignment period unless otherwise noted. 

The 52SOG team
+Charles Lupica 
+Andy Burke 
+Brian Cox 
+Brian Dukes 
+Jean Michel Missri 
+Ludwig Keck 
+Scott Thomas 
+Travis Rhoads 
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