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It is so obvious by this war and what has followed that the war-environment has taken over good people, and the government's support of what is now the supplier of the world of 90% heroin trade, the war in Afghanistan is an affront to our humanity and our future.

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Too relevant of a link not to post at - Fascism has really been a big part of the issue since before and after November 22, 1963.. in 1913 globalizing and privatizing US funds, Hedges writes with depth and passion on this issue.. I wonder what blinds him to the reality of a false flag operation on September 11, 2001.

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Excellent production with evidence of foreknowledge with art hiding it in plain sight.. but almost too weird to handle in a way, but much to appreciate..i would be interested in people's thoughts on it.

what i am really looking forward for is Massimo Mazzucco's new film. It is just about complete that exposes the moon landing hoax from a filmmaker's point of view.. It will first come out in Italy, then six months later or so.. the U.S.

fyi.. article i wrote about what I hope will happen in 2019 and an ideal transformation from the way things are now..

For this 9-11 anniversary I suggest activists or communities to watch Massimo's 42-minute summary of his 5-hour film September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor.-
here is Massimo's 40 mins. summary to the 9/11 doc

this links to a review of it

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I removed the article from since it is unsupported and evidence shows YourNewsWire to be more interested in hits, visits, than the integrity of truth.. Paul Craig Roberts stated: "I have taken down the Baxter Dmitry article. Apparently, he is one of these people who like to make practical jokes out of serious matters." I agree.. too bad..

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The following is the letter to editor I submitted today regarding the linked letter.. I hope they publish it in tomorrow's paper. Sent by email this morning, I wrote:

“A fan of Trump not of ‘Trumpcare’” (letter to editor 7/17) could be missing the larger issue. I am not disregarding President Trump’s pledges for job creation. Imagine what could be accomplished if money used in military conflicts were available here at home. Yes, Trump the independent-sounding politician promised a different foreign policy than what Hillary Clinton proposed; but I don’t see much of a difference from what is going on now: Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen, proxy (undeclared) war in Syria, increasing tensions with Iran and Russia. I think fans of Trump and Clinton should take a new look at the left-right chains of deceptions wrapped around our necks. The full scale assault by media companies cramming information into our heads is significant. I think we citizens need to look for better solutions. Our elections are vulnerable because the system is corrupt. Blaming Russia is not the solution, and Trump’s election integrity commission is an oxymoron onto itself.

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Using weather as a weapon is madness and undeniable, and complete hubris. When will it stop? Link now posted under Critical News and Events at

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It's a good time to take action for net neutrality. Updated under Critical News and Events at 

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Good news for a change; the link is now posted as well under Critical News and Events @

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"The Apollo Myth: A Hindrance to Human Space Exploration"

The Apollo story is increasingly revealing itself to be pure fabrication.

I think this is getting obvious enough, like 9-11 3 buildings collapses at near free fall speeds, and other fake reasons to conduct the longest wars in US history.. Lots of fake news around.. and with Trump we have the master distraction commander in chief. At least he is not such a good liar to fool everyone. How about the moon issue.. 2019 will make it 50 years still unproven to anyone really looking into the fact of space missions and science.

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