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Just trying out the latest tech toy as I am wont to do...
Just trying out the latest tech toy as I am wont to do...

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Oh thank goodness. Some of those Disney/Capcom NES titles were getting up there into the hyper expensive territory.

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Okay this is weird, but kinda awesome.
Today I learned the small black triangle that appears on the inside of airplane walls marks the seat with the clearest view of the wing and is often called "William Shatner's Seat"

Post has attachment spring sale starts now! BTW there's like literally 500 games on sale. #DRMFreeFTW #Steamed

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#BOOM a label upgrade on Ninja Gaiden and one of my NES whales, Contra, all for $35. Not a bad first time at a swap meet if I dare say so myself!

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Four of the luckiest summons ever. #FireEmblemHeroes
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For your collection +Shane Monroe 

So, La La Land: I've seen it. It deserves most, if not all the critical praise it's getting. I absolutely love the dancing in it (and the choreographer is the same one who's on Dancing with the Stars), and the characters work on an emotional level, and the references to old movies and such work really well... but my goodness the singing wasn't very good. I know I'm extremely hard on most singers, but I thought that it'd probably have been in better hands with people who could sing. The choreography they picked up beautifully, it was the singing that fell flat (to pardon the expression) for me personally.

I gotta be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the #FireEmblemDirect that just concluded. However, that didn't mean that they didn't pack a TON of announcements into 20 minutes or so.

First announcement: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which appears to be a full remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second game in the series that never came to these shores. It was most unexpected and it's coming very soon to the West! It's coming out May 19! ... alongside Amiibos of Alm and Celica, the dual protagonists

Second announcement: a Fire Emblem game is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. (Anyone else noticed that it's a full ten years after Radiant Dawn came out?)

Third announcement: Fire a Emblem a Warriors had an extended gameplay trailer, and it was revealed to be coming out on both Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS / XL (hopefully Nintendo fixes their stock situation with those consoles from the holidays) and it's coming out this fall.

And the fourth and final announcement: Fire Emblem Heroes, the new smart device game from Nintendo based on the Fire Emblem franchise. It's very recognizably Fire Emblem, with heroes you can summon from throughout the Fire Emblem franchise. It's a little micro transaction heavy it seems, but I love what I'm seeing. It's hitting Google Play for Android devices February 2nd, with iOS devices coming "soon" ... so Android gets first crack this time, in a reversal of the Super Mario Run situation.

Oh and btw the narrator was Yuri Lowenthal...

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Ignoring the super clickbaity headline, this is one of the few opinion columnists I read on a regular basis, Kathleen Parker. She's extremely well spoken, articulates her points excellently, and overall is someone who I admit to respecting... even though my views skew left and hers skew right. I'm confident that if there were more well-spoken Kathleen Parkers in the world, we might all get along and have decency in our political discourse.

The actual definition of "fake news": A hoax or somewhat made up story that is made to seem more legitimate than it actually is.

Right wing definition of "fake news": Basically any news article that they disagree with.

Normally I don't talk politics here, but this is starting to annoy me with it's sheer lunacy. If we cannot even define something like fake news the same way, then how on Earth are we supposed to all agree on any topic? How are we going to continue the long running practice in this country of gasp COMPROMISING with those we disagree with?! Right now I'm ashamed of the direction our discourse in this country is going, and it's only getting worse from here. This will be the last I speak of it.
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