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Now writing a 4th Installment of my Tales from a Parallel Universe series. was going to end it completely after the third one but in the advent of Trump and all of our current political unrest, who doesn't want to go back to 1999-2001 when there was no such thing as smart phones and we had kick ass music and President Bush Cough Priest?

Next stop, Earth baby! Not the Cluster nor Fire and Water can prepare Lilly for where she is going next.

Just started writing a novel about the Heretics. Beginning with Jack's grueling escape from the Cluster, the politics and the unseen worlds of the reform planets, The events after Stanley's defection and surrendering of the amino acid codes. The destruction of the reform planets, and the last ditch battle of Eriko to help Thodin steal the key to the Lexx.

I was going to do some original works but I have had too many ideas floating around in my head for some time.

+A. J. Digginam Is there anyway to Google Hangouts with you? I'd love to collaborate with you and contribute to your audiobook project.

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The third and final installment is finally finished after months of writers block.

Can't wait to hear what ya'll think of it. Especially you +Janika Banks

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So part one of Fire and Water is finished. I decided to release this in parts since the story is so lengthy. That and when Lexx did Fire and Water it took up the entire season.

Anyway feedback is welcome. Janika since I don't have facebook feel free to share it :)

So while endlessly watching the episodes again for research and ideas for my own stories. I have seen some of the episodes so many times to notice production goofs and inconsistencies.

Girl Town has two major ones. At the beginning when Stan standing alone in the desert, he sees the hand sticking out of the sand (the corpse of one of the 'women' thrown to their deaths by the 'boys.') Before he even walks up the dune to investigate it, Off to the corner of the establishing shot you can see Tweedle walking up the dune briefly before he ever does.

The 'head trap' in which Queen put Stanley in would have not of decapitated him. In fact the trap would have not of been lethal at all. Granted it might have severed his arms or cut very deep into his shoulder blades as the blades were simply placed to low to reach his head which would have defeated the purpose of what Queen wanted his body for. (On an interesting side note, much of the traps and set pieces were done by David Hackl. Dave did much of the design work in the later installments of the SAW franchise. Some of those fancy Jigsaw traps were more than likely inspired by his previous work on Lexx)

Also note that Stanley does not complain to Kai about the searing heat at the beginning of Girl Town either like he does in Gondala where he tells Xev. "No Xev, this isn't hot, this is REALLY hot!" Almost like the writers forgot that the surface of Fire is a very uncomfortable place to be.

Speaking of Death traps. The execution device designed to remove organs for the Protein Bank on the Cluster was highly impractical. Human's come in many different heights and widths from skinny, fat, tall, short and so on. While it would have indeed made a gory mess of the victim, It would not be able to remove organs with near surgical precision based on its "one size fits all" design.

And speaking of Surgeries. Do you remember Lex Gigeroff's 'colorful' Dr Rainbow character in the Tunnels beneath Fire? "They scream when I cut them.... They scream when I cut them...." Yeah that guy. In the room where he performed his 'best work' surgery. We notice the room is dimly lit by two windows. Now why would there be windows like that in a location that is supposed to be underground and insulated from the immense temperatures of the surface of Fire? It was merely the production crew reusing sets. This same room was the council area where all of the bull dykes met to argue over the "non-she" agenda in Girl Town.

More notable goofs in writing include towards the end of "Little Blue Planet" where Stanley witnesses Kai kill two of Cobra's men and he asks Kai "how." Maybe his time spent dead from drowning on water and then being subsequently frozen in cryo made him forget that he was a recipient of Kai's brace once. (Terminal)

In "The Beach" when Stanley and Kai crash into the ocean of Water you can see the vignetting of the camera casing they used to film underwater.

Since my fan fiction which got overwhelmingly positive feed back, I am going full steam ahead with Part II which will take place on Fire and Water. These take time to write because I want to keep everything as true to the source material as possible. That means re-watching certain episodes, reading different fan reactions and analysis.

Some details without spoiling anything.

I am writing this one entirely in the third person since were now dealing with characters who have amnesia. (Because you don't remember anything of your previous lives when you reincarnate on either Fire or Water.)

This one will be almost novel length. I just finished the rough draft for the first act which is about the length of Part I, not counting the prologue at the beginning.

The prologue fills in the blanks left in Part I. You will finally know what happened with Jack.

Stay tuned :)
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