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Danielle Sullivan
Mom * Writer * Animal Lover * Music Fan *
Mom * Writer * Animal Lover * Music Fan *

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6 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe in the Winter
Winter is here and so is the cold. Here are 6 tips to
avoid a chilly trip to the vet’s office! During these winter months it can be challenging to keep our
pets healthy and happy. The cold weather often brings a slew of things to watch
out for when it comes...

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Depression On The Rise In Young Teens: How Can We Help?
I often wonder how our teen years would have been different if we grew up attached to social media? Our teens are depressed, no doubt about it. Most of us remember the self-consciousness and self-doubt that ravaged us as teens. There wasn’t as much therapy ...

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Keep Your Dog Safe With These Holiday Safety Tips!
    ‘Tis the season for putting up decorations and eating
delicious holiday treats, but that also means pets could be getting into
serious trouble! Trupanion, a leading provider of medical insurance for cats
and dogs, sees a 10% increase in foreign body ing...

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From Twilight and Game of Thrones to Grey’s Anatomy, it’s no secret that pop culture provides us with an endless amount of inspiration for naming our furry friends. But what dog names rank in the top 10?

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There is a small population of kids, from preschoolers to teens, who absolutely dread school because they suffer from anxiety.

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Tips For Dealing With Your Child's School Anxiety
School is a wonderful time for most children, not to
mention parents. There are new teachers and classrooms, new experiences, and
friendly faces. Most kids are eager to make friends and join the fun, even if
they aren’t exactly thrilled about the work. But ...

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Everyday there are countless, gorgeous and loving animals available in local shelters, yet when many people considering getting a dog, they think of buying one from a store first.

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Canine Cognition Facts
I always knew The recent studies out on dog cognition include many things that us dog lovers already know: mainly that dogs understand us and feel emotions. Anyone who has lived and loved a dog knows this instinctively. Of course, I'm very glad that these o...
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