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God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Well, this is it! The last email of my mission. Here it goes... So this week was the most incredible week! It was topped off with the most amazing weekend of my mission! #letsgoooooo Okay so this week I had my last exchanges with the STL's. It was great! I ...

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Enjoy to the End!
Hey everyone! Well, this week was absolutely fantastic! It was seriously a week full of miracles! We found 5 new investigators! It was crazy! So first of all we have Vini and Luciane. They are a Brazilian couple. We found their names in our area book so we ...

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The Terrific Three
Hey everyone! It has been a crazy week!  On Monday, we got a text from President Miller. He told Sister Saito that she would be training a new missionary and that her child would be arriving the next day!! So, naturally, I was like "Where do I go?!?!" Then ...

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MBM: Return of the Snow
Hey everyone! This week was amazing! Gosh, I have so much news! So, I'm going to start with Thursday, just because it was such a great day! So when we left our apartment on Thursday, we were all ready to go to our first appointment! Then we realized we forg...

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And a Happy New Year!
Hey everyone! Well, this week was fabulous! We had so many awesome things going on! Let's start with Monday.. So for P-day, Sister Saito and I decided to take a trip to Boston, since neither of us have really been around Boston much. So we took the "T" and ...

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Merry Christmas!!!
Hey everyone! This week was fantastic! It started out with a special Musical Fireside in Revere. We went on Monday night, and it was beautiful! We went with Rayana and another member of the Portuguese group, Sister Souza. Missionaries from our mission organ...

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Zone Conference & Miracles!
Hey everyone! This week was amazing! I don't even know where to begin! So Tuesday we had a Zone Conference with Elder Allan F. Packer of the Seventy. We had open discussions with him and everyone. Sister Packer talked about the things we need to do to be wo...

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A Savior is Born
Hey everyone! This week was so good! Where do I start?! So we went to see Rayana this week and we watched the new video that the church put out, " A Savior is Born ". Afterwards, we bore our testimonies to her about how grateful we are for the Savior, and t...

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The Spirit of Thanksgiving
Hey everyone!  This week was amazing as usual! Where do I start?? So on Tuesday we had a mission Webex and it was really cool because President and Sister Miller and the AP's and everyone in the mission office just shared the things that they're grateful fo...

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Miracles! Miracles Everywhere!
Hey everyone!! Gosh, this week has been amazing! So many amazing things happened! So on Tuesday we went to see one of our investigators, Gilka. Guess where she's from??? Yes that's right..Brazil! Well, when we went there her son, Tarcio was there and he had...
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