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Poll bugle is sounded and dates are out. Country is going to decide who will rule takht-e-dilli for next 5 years. Present rulers are struggling to remain relevant but winds of change are blowing hard. It’s clear that change is coming. Heir apparent is not…

Boast about or praise(something), esp. excessively

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Pleased to announce alpha version of our app.

It's photo app. Helps you take review from your friends and public

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If you want to make a real impact in lives of 50 kids, learn what is leadership, how to provide quality education, hope and transform lives, have ability to overcome any challenge, have guts to come out of your comfort zone consider

It's not easy. It's hard. Very hard. Damn hard. 2 years full time fellowship. Educating children who are behind in their learning by 2 or more years. Transforming not only their liver bus also their surroundings. Showing them that they can not only dream, but also peruse them.

It is not for faint hearted and definitely not for those who can't come out of their comfort zone.

What's in it for you? Experience of lifetime. Nation building. Opportunities beyond fellowship. Renumeration of 16 to 24,000 per month.

Please help spread the message. Btw, ping me if you are interested.

Dear G+ evangelists,
(If you have shared how G+ is better than FB and everything else, You are the one)

Please post your messages on FB. That's where you have best chances of getting your new converts.

May be doesn't matter to many, but for most posts I find 'like' more appropriate than '+1'. May be b'coz I use '+1' to say I agree or I am also in, not to say I liked it. 'Like' to me is more personal.
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