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A technical blog for web designers and web developers

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Learn to build a Google’s Material Design progress bar for your web app using SVG & CSS!

#css3 #css #svg #webdev #materialdesign

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Some marketers or people without adequate knowledge of web development may face some problem when they’ve to inject third party JavaScript and send over the data to the third party service such as Google Tag Manager.

In this article, will show you how to inject external JavaScript after page load and detect when it has loaded.

#javascript #webdev

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Are you new to OOP in JavaScript?

In this article, you’ll learn to build a classic Rock–paper–scissors using Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript.

#javascript #js #gamedevelopment #gamedev

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In this article, you’re going to learn step by step on how to set up your web app to have an app shortcut icon added to Android’s home screen, & have the app launch in full screen mode using Chrome for Android’s “Add to home screen” features.

#homescreen #html5 #mobile #webapp #chrome #webdev

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How quickly actually can Asynchronous JavaScripts improve the time of first render?

Have you conducted any analysis on this topic before?

If you haven’t already done so, let’s find out the answer today!

#pagespeed #fastweb #asyncJS #html5 #webapp

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Everyone likes web app that load quickly.
In this tutorial, will show you how to capture your web app performance data & ideas that you may try to speed up your web app for better user experience.

#pagespeed #webapp #html5app #html5

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Increase your HTML5 game engagement with Vibration API! Check out the step by step tutorial below:

#html5 #gamedev #mobilegame

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Nice design of Gamification Icon Pack with the concept of "Rise of Darkness" from our featured designer. Suitable for your business projects, for instance – web application, business site, mobile application and games.

#gamification #icon

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Gamification is really impressive in business context. Grab our featured designer's artwork: "Gamification Icon Pack" for your upcoming business creative project at the following link:

#business #webdesign #gamification
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