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Objective Advice from Independent Advisors
Objective Advice from Independent Advisors

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New findings show that while most Americans have a job with a retirement plan, less than half are contributing to that plan on their own.

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While an early retirement might sound incredible, there are consequences that can come along with it.
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Many subjects that serve as substantial planning motivators aren’t found on client questionnaires and are frequently absent from planning discussions.

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Seventy-eight percent of 45- to 65-year-olds somewhat or strongly agree they’ll need to cut back on spending after they retire, according to an Ipsos/USA Today survey of 1,205 adults in mid-January.
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"Human advisers aren't going to beat digital advisers at asset allocation, account opening, or rebalancing, so don't try, says Kitces. Concentrate on what robos can't do — planning, strategy and empathy."
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These days, cash – a money market account, for example – pays close to nothing. What to do?

For Many It’s Close to the Perfect Investment…

Imagine participating in the S&P 500 with none of the downside risk, great upside, while maintaining 100% liquidity at all times?

For people with $100,000 or more to invest there is an incredibly unique investment opportunity that very few people are aware of and most advisors don’t want to talk about. We refer to it as the “Super Savings Account.” For those who qualify you’ll receive a minimum of 2.00% (on average) worst case return and up to 10.50% in good years. It’s tied to the S&P 500, but you receive none of the downside risk associated with the market. Imagine the next time the S&P drops 40% (as it did in 2008) and you make 2.00% positive? In the up years you get the first 10.50% of the S&P and in addition there are 13 other investment options from which to choose.

The guaranteed minimum rate cited is good until February 16. After that the floor drops to 1.5%, so hurry and contact Somerset today.

Call a Somerset advisor at 503-595-1333 or use this form to contact us today:

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A recent study shows that converting savings in a traditional IRA or 401(k) to a Roth IRA may also be able to help you leave a bigger legacy to your heirs.
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The tax breaks you receive in your retirement accounts don't come for free. #retirement #financialplanning #moneymanagement #taxtips
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