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Matthew Carlson

Discussion  - 
A friend sent this to me a few weeks back.   Zhao Bao Taiji.  Incredible flexibility.
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What distinguishes Zhao Bao style from the other styles??   The flexibility exhibited on this video will be irrelevant for most people who take up the art.
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I noticed that many SEO blogs that allow for commenting have the NoFollow link attribute for the author link.  This seems like a good default if your blog autoapproves comments, but not necessarily if you are moderating and manually approving.  I'm expecting my domain authority to rise in the next few months as I rewrite my site, and DoFollow links would be of benefit to legitimate commenters.  Anyone see a reason for me not to have DoFollow links?  Are there any negative repercussions of which I should be aware?  Thanks for any thoughts.
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+Matthew Carlson No problem my friend! And you're right. Some will go for your online real estate, but those really aren't the people you want to motivate to comment, hence my suggestions: that's stuff the debaters (who you DO want) would like. 
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Hello all.  Hope this community can work together to bring more knowledge and profit to all our businesses in the coming year. 

I spent a few minutes last night thinking about my past obsession with "link building" to my own and client websites, and felt a confession was in order.
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Matthew Carlson

Instructional Videos  - 
Found this community today and thought I'd share a video.  I'm a student of Robert Yu in Madison, WI.
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I think as martial artists we should be open to comment, and work on either correcting our form or the others opinion, nobody is more correct. very well played responses +shawn howard and +Matthew Carlson 
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Matthew Carlson

SEO techniques  - 
Starting a meta-analysis/description of content marketing/content distribution:

Given the huge amount of content on the web, there is little possibility of the creation of (interesting) new content created in any field in any given week. 
Phrases appear organically and are repeated until all niche blogs/sites contain what is essentially the same data/information.  Core content spreads like a virus.  After the first mention, all other sites referencing this content are redundant.  This applies to almost every niche website. 

Most technical fields would benefit from a single Wiki style page containing current best practices and techniques.

SEO/branding practices can quickly become focused on link creation to simulate authority.  I say simulate because user communities can be developed from scratch quickly and by a single person.  Social bookmarking sites lend simulated authority to a page, as hundreds of links build “page rank”.

This is relevant for SEO as spun "content" snippets become signals of authority, when they may only be signals of an interestingly designed bot. 
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+Matthew Carlson my schedule's already crammed with to do's at the moment, however, I certainly won't mind giving you some thoughts on your findings or on how to set up the experiment and/or explain your findings. I think doing experiments like this one are important.
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