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Geek in Stilettos | Digital Troublemaker

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Finally I speak up and this is the truth. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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#donaldtrump   #uselection   #presidentialelection  

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Just came back from Asia. I have so many stories to share with you guys. This is the first one.
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I really hope to get back to my schedule and publish more often. What do you want to read?

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A three-time millionaire who came up from nothing, dropped out of college with average IQ, said:
“The real inequality is the level of personal drive and intelligence.”
I framed the quote and have it on my desk to remind myself everyday.
This is why...

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I decided to post my back up post on Medium to force myself to write everyday. I have no other choice to write new content if I follow my editorial calendar.  Sometime you need to push yourself into fire to create fire.

When we get too comfortable with life, we stop pushing ourselves. Sometime getting rid of the fall back plan is the best plan. We would have no other choice than fighting. This is why many small startups can do big companies can't. They have no other option. Work hard or die.

In many cases, sabotaging yourself is the best strategy. 

This was my first blog post ever. You can see how my voice has changed over time :D If you like it don't forget to recommend it on Medium.

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Oldie but goodie. If you enjoy the post, don't forget to recommend it :D 

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I just published a new post on Medium. I suck at writing but my work gets million of views. I wasn't the best Twitter chat host, but now my results are 4-5x more than my competitors.
And today I share the secret.

#lifelessons   #lifehack  

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I am in NYC at the moment. If you want to hang out drop by my meetup on Thursday :D 

If you cannot RSVP, please msg/comment, we need to book the tables.

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Win a Year’s Worth of Gifts for You and a Friend
[ $1600 Value]

I am helping this amazing social ecommerce +Luv. 

Luv. is your socially conscious gift buying destination launching summer 2015.

Committed to giving, Luv. donates 50% of net profits to the charity of the buyer’s choice. Products purchased through Luv. gives buyers the power to decide which charity they want their money to support.

I really love what they are doing. They also hire people disabilities. For every purchase, you are also helping creating job for disabled people. It is so hard for them to find flexible job with a decent pay. 

If you like what they are doing please help spreading the words. 
Enter here ->

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Loving my new flats from +Walmart Canada  for the #LooksForLess  Challenge.  They are comfy and very affordable. A few people have messaged me, I highly recommend these flats. They are great everyday pieces that go with everything. 

This post is sponsored however all opinions are my own.

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In today's age, a lot of time sharing the moment is more important than the moment itself. It is a way to connect with people and tell the world who we are. Every post tells a story. Many of us did it for Instagram to paint a picture we want the world to see. 

This is one of the reasons why Tinder is full of tiger, Machu Picchu and shirtless selfie  photos. We want to tell a stories through photos. We want people to believe our lives are interesting. We did it for the Internet.

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