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William Hyde hung out. #hangoutsonair

let's put a 2pm mark on going live with youtube news for the first time!

lol remember this! i do! my producer wants me to start doing youtube news live through hang outs, gonna try it out next week!

i really need to get back into google+ tho that will mean another of my social networking platforms seeing less of me. i'm guessing fb will suffer cause tumblr has the food/animal/gif/lol/comic/politics/lgbt stuff i NEED and twitter is where i live my life, lol. this weekend i'm gonna actually put everyone into circles that will be a good start to make things easier.

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dancing mutants baby yea they're BORN THAT WAY.
do me a bday favor and WATCH IT! <3

is twitter not working for anyone else? lol at me asking that on here

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thank you hank!
YouTubers...get ready to love me! Here is a guide for making thumbnails that function well with Cosmic Panda. Just made this up for myself and I figured I would save everyone else the trouble. The white space is pretty much the only safe space now. Blerg!

2 things,
1, is everyone actually putting people in correct circles? cause i'm just adding everyone to friends, lol.
2, chris pirillo is crashing my +, lol loves him and all his posts but its hard to see everyone else's.

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