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Mar 1: Naan, Butter Chicken, Pickled Onions, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, and Strawberry Yogurt.

I really need to nail down a definitive naan recipe. It feels like I pick one at random every time I make it and then start winging it when it doesn't go the way I think it should. For instance, the naan in this bento is from a Madhur Jaffrey recipe. Her recipe doesn't call for a second rise, but I just don't hold with that kind of wanton behavior, so I went ahead and let it rise a second time anyway.

I'm glad I did that because it made the naan much easier to shape. Her recipe also told me to use a rolling pin to roll out the naan, which is just all kinds of crazypants. If you want GOOD naan, you stretch the dough out by hand and you broil it for 90ish seconds at your oven's hottest broil setting. (Or you grill it, but that's not an option quite yet.)

In any case, I think the recipe would do better with bread flour, greek yogurt, a touch more liquid, a second rise, shaping the naan by hand, brushing it with melted butter and sprinkling some kalonji on top just before it goes into the oven. But OTHER than that, I’m sure it’s a fine recipe. (I know, I’m a jerk.)

I used the Moroccan Spiced Chicken leftovers for the butter chicken, which worked out pretty well. I think that’s something I’d be happy to repeat in the future. Recipes soon, I promise.

Also, if you're on the fence about buying kalonji (nigella seeds), just do it. They make the naan. (I bought mine from The Spice House, which I can honestly say has sold me some of the highest-quality spices I've ever bought.)
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