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Woman Has Jaw Replaced With A 3-D Printed Jaw
"A team of medical researchers from Belgium and the Netherlands has successfully replaced the jaw of an 83-year old woman with a 3-D printed model of her lower mandible.
the researchers, working in conjunction with implant company Xilloc, opted to instead replace the entire mandible with a 3-D printed model.
The implant itself was made of titanium, which was 3-D printed from powdered titanium through a process known as laser melting. As you might imagine from the name, this technique uses a high-powered laser to fuse together the powdered metal layer by layer. The design of the implant was just done through normal 3-D CAD techniques."

Transplant jaw made by 3D printer claimed as first
"once designed, it only took a few hours to print.
"Once we received the 3D digital design, the part was split up automatically into 2D layers and then we sent those cross sections to the printing machine," Ruben Wauthle, LayerWise's medical applications engineer, told the BBC.
"It used a laser beam to melt successive thin layers of titanium powder together to build the part.
"This was repeated with each cross section melted to the previous layer. It took 33 layers to build 1mm of height, so you can imagine there were many thousand layers necessary to build this jawbone."
Once completed, the part was given a bioceramic coating."

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"Using a commercially available ProMetal 3D printer" (!)
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and yet another story:
• (article) The Pirate Bay declares 3D printed “physibles” as the next frontier of piracy
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A quick lesson on instant orthodontics. Here's how it's done.

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Is your toothpaste causing you more harm than good?

Toothpaste Abrasiveness Index
Toothpaste: RDA Value
Straight Baking Soda 7
Arm & Hammer Tooth Powder 8
Arm & Hammer Dental Care 35
Oxyfresh 45
Tom's of Maine Sensitive 49
Arm & Hammer Peroxicare 49
Rembrandt Original 53
Tom's of Maine Children's 57
Colgate Regular 68
ColgateTotal 70
Sensodyne 79
Aim 80
Colgate Sensitive Max Strength 83
Aquafresh Sensitive 91
Tom's of Maine Regular 93
Crest Regular 95

Rating Legend:
0-70 = Low Abrasive | 71-100 = Medium Abrasive | 101-150 = Highly Abrasive | 151-200 = Regarded as Harmful
view the entire listing here:
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