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TIL: millipedes roll into a defensive ball & at birth, only have 6 or 8 feet to wobble with.

<3 Robert Krulwich's drawings and musings. ^_^

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Both photos of Gula mesmerise.

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Known mostly for her humanist work, Mary Ellen Mark, "I'm very touched by kids who don't have advantages; they are much more interesting than kids who have everything. They have a lot of passion and emotion, such a strong will."

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Important, yet often neglected cause and effect.

Separately, a study could be made on the reactions of those who hear her dissertation topic at a dinner table.

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rum & raisin mini cupcakes

Filled with dark chocolate chips, rum soaked raisin (singular, it's a mini). Rum cocoa glaze.

#rumandraisin #chocolate   #cupcakes  

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From a Seu Jorge gig, I learnt that..
- flutes could be miked* up. Never considered it.
- a flautist would lead Brazilian pop samba.
- beer (diuretic) can be rehydration of choice throughout a 2+ hour gig for a band and lead who sang, played and danced the hours through.
- * there are discussions on miked vs mic'd. (eg. )

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Of feathers, curiosities and playfulness. An amble.

#feathers #ngv #melbourne
A sojourn in Melbourne
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