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Is your #webcomic  listed on ? There are tons of changes coming, be ready!

I am done with ink, and handing it over to someone with more time. They will be posting in time. Its been real xoxo - Brian King

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You can now track TRENDING comics with +inkoutbreak and see the most popular comics everyday! Also you can roll back and see historically what was popular.

Pass it around :)

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Wow, I am so neglectful of this page! I posted all over communities, twitter and facebook before posting here.

Hit the +1 and let me know your out there!

I put together a big update about where ink is headed in the next year. I would love some input. The indiegogo is wrapping up in 5 days, and it was a total success. I am more motivated than ever to keep working with comics.

The projects that are talked about in here are things like a webcomicwiki, a free ad network for comics, a search page that starts you off with a random webcomic ( ), and some more talk about the ink API.

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I for one hate having a boring start page when opening my browser. So I messed around with an old idea I had last night and made 

It searches with Google, but it loads up a random webcomic each time you go. It is nothing amazing, but I figured I would share. If you dig it, make it your start page and share it around. I would love to see people using it.


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Mondays suck....but at least a ton of webcomics have new comics for today... like Gun show by Kc Green. Check it out ( )

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As for a Stretch Goal for the ink indiegogo, we are thinking about doing a "tick for tack" ad network.... kinda like the exchange, but more "evolved" and real.

This is all just brain storming between Justin Boyd from Invisible Bread who has been helping me with the exchange coding. This is something we originally shot down cause we did not know how much we could do with our overhead.

This would be a free ad service, with a full lists of sizes, and no bar at the bottom, it just links to your site. As you show off ads, you tally exposures that you can use yourself. Save those exposures and use them when you have a kickstarter or just feel like advertising.This is mostly for the comic sites that have exposures, but are getting junk money for that space. 

To me its a better option to get out to new readers instead of getting 20 cents a day. For bigger sites of course you can get into something like hiveworks where your ad payout is higher than since its in a whole bigger bracket.

I want to make this box flip with current ad codes so that if you had a bigger site you can still rollout 5,000 exposures in a day and still make your money with your current ad service.

I want to just brainstorm this, I have started a thread to get the general ideas across. I want to have a solid plan for it if I am going to make it a stretch goal for ink.

Let me know what you think. ( )

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We hit our goal today! With 19 days still left we have hit our goal, so what is left to do? Should we head for stretch goals? What would you like to see from ink in the next year? 

Here are a few things that I have thought about adding as stretch goals. If people are interested enough I will post more data on how much it would cost, I want to make sure I check my math and keep within a budget one certain ones.

Possible Stretch Goals : 

Ink becomes crowd managed

Brian gets an "ink" tatoo

Ink provides a full API giving access to ALL data for other sites to use working towards making webcomics more mainstream

Better coverage / media for the world of webcomics ( Interviews / Convention Reviews & interviews / How To Videos & Panels )

Brian Gets a new computer

An improved banner exchange network /w multiple sizes and an improved exposure system

I have 2 other ideas, but I think the ceiling is so high with them that I may wait til another time.

Is there something you want that is not listed here? Let me know.

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For 2.5 years I have been helping webcomics creators and readers please help me keep going 

Please share with friends and other creators so that we can keep ink going for another year! This time focused solely on developing.
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