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I've written about Amsterdam council's announcement that they'd really rather poor people stopped visiting their city.

"Channelling the spirit of bah-humbug and DGAF, the council explained that they were doing this in an attempt to get rid of the budget tourists. And the stag parties. And pretty much anyone whose travel budget doesn’t extend to more than €50 a night. It’s a bold move: attack to defend, accuse yourself of elitism before committed carpers like myself have even logged onto Twitter."

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Me in the Independent:

"It’s all very well to 'inform' people of the dangers of hidden sugar but it’s a strategy that only works if the people you’re talking to have other options"

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Now That's What I Call Menstruation: The Noisey Guide to Period Pop

"Motivated by this mild obsession, I have shifted through ancient runes daubed on the back of toilet doors, dodged rolling ovaries and doggedly tracked a ray of sunlight through the shifting Superdrug tampon labyrinth in order to excavate the best (and only) period pop classics. Now, having taken off my sweat-soaked fedora and slapped on my bowtie, please allow me to guide you through the agony and further agony and then a little bit more agony of period pop."

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So how did a religious belief in extraterrestrial life lead to over a decade of pro-pleasure, anti-FGM activism?

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The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism was published yesterday and I'm in it, twatting on about artist, designer, model, novelist, nurse, playwright and poet Mina Loy

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It’s 4/20, a.k.a. National Weed Day: the day that a heady smog rises above every capital city, and hard currencies are replaced by fistfuls of crushed Doritos. In anticipation of 4/20, states in Australia and the United States have blased up early, by announcing their plans to (partially) legalise cannabis.

Such decisions are made at national and state level. But, while advocates used to cite data collected from cannabis convivial countries like the Netherlands and Uruguay, a move towards legalisation in many U.S. states has lead to a spate of research at city level.

So, with this in mind, what impact does legalising cannabis have on a city and its infrastructure?

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"It’s here. Womankind has waited with baited breath and crossed legs for this joyous day. Now, finally, the world’s first retractable urinal for women has risen.

Retractable urinals for men have long been a feature of most capital cities. Stored underground during the day and rising to pavement level in the evening, they are designed to counteract the traditional night-time narrative of – man goes out, man drinks, the nice toilet at the back of M&S is shut, man floods streets of city with piss..."

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[TW: Sexual assault]

I asked a bunch of festival organizers what they're doing to prevent sexual assault at festivals. Their answer?

"Unless someone is raped on stage you’re not going to be seeing anti-sexual assault campaigns from any mainstream music festival"

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Me for Broadly on how right-wing politicians are using the population crisis in Hungary to restrict abortion.

A quote from one of the women I interviewed:

"At this rate the only thing Hungarian women are going to be allowed to do is sit in a dark room and keep giving birth to babies they don't want—while Syrian women desperately try to find homes for the children they do want."

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"In 1915 a group of women decided to try their hand at world peace. It had been nearly a year since the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, multiple countries were piling into what would eventually be known as The Great War, and back home the UK government’s promises that their boys would be “home by Christmas” had failed to materialize."
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